New Tracks for 2013

Fantasy Literature
This year we will be folding programming for Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time and Anne McCaffrey’s Worlds into a Fantasy Literature fan track. Have no fear, fans of the works will still have Pern and Wheel of Time programming available!

Dragon Con’s Fantasy Literature track offers fans of the written work a place to talk about their favorite, to ask questions of authors, to learn some of the history of the genre, and to throw seriousness out the window and play games connected to the stuff we love to read.

The Dark Fantasy track is splitting into two new tracks for 2013: Horror and Urban Fantasy.

Are you afraid of the dark? You will be after experiencing the terrifying visions and arcane secrets of the Horror track, Dragon Con’s home for monsters, madmen, and the macabre.

Urban Fantasy
Welcome to a world where things are seldom what they seem: the guy across the room could be a vampire, your next-door-neighbor may be a werewolf, or perhaps the nice lady working at the local drugstore is a demon. Come and join us for an exploration of these worlds with awesome authors as we discuss the diverse aspects of the genre and its appeal.

If you enjoy paranormal intrigue with strong heroines and cool heroes, then the Urban Fantasy track is the place for you.

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