Dragon Con’s Audience Talent in Evidence at Klingon Karaoke

At the Klingon Karaoke event on Friday, 8:30PM, in the Sheraton Athens room, audience members volunteered to sing popular karaoke songs. The first singer, dressed as a Riza cheerleader, sang “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” The enthusiastic audience sang and clapped along. This was true of many of the songs selected. In fact in some cases, the audience drowned out the amplified voice of the individual performer who’d selected the song.

The Klingon MC often sang along, accompanied by large Klingon hand and arm gestures. Occasionally the performers also hammed up their piece with more Klingon-like face and body language.

This event attracted some surprisingly talented audience members. Maybe the show should arrange a Dragon Con’s Got Talent show in the future.

Author of the article

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