“Great Heroes are Not Born, They are Forged”—Sherrilyn Kenyon at the Styxx Launch Party

Watch out Menyons, with Styxx you are in for “something very different,” according to Sherrilyn Kenyon. What is so different about this gargantuan book that made her editor cry at the size? For that, you will have to wait until Tuesday.

Fans started lining up at 3PM to buy Styxx before it hits the shelves and to earn a coveted Sherrilyn Kenyon autograph. Many dressed up as their favorite characters, from the cute Simi to the formidable Evalle. The real life Mark was on hand and, thankfully, left the duck urine at home.

One of the highlights of any Kenyon event, besides the autographs and giveaways, is always her question-and-answer session full of juicy tidbits.

When asked if certain characters, such as Savitar, will get their own book, Kenyon says, “If he doesn’t die first.” We may not see much written about the gods, though, because every time Kenyon starts writing about them, strange things start to happen to her—like being locked in her office with a cell phone that won’t work and a dog outside the window that won’t fetch Timmy for help. She thinks the gods may be getting back at her.

For those wondering about the upcoming Chronicles of Nick movie, production has been pushed back. Don’t worry about the content, though; Kenyon is a co-producer and screenwriter for the project, so the movie is sure to be filled with the witty dialogue, profound statements, and awesome writing that fans are sure to love.

Kenyon’s advice for other writers: “Never give up, never surrender” and “Listen to your characters, you’ll never go wrong.”

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