Shhh…It’s Late

Is six o’clock in the morning late or early?

Technically, if you don’t go to bed until after six then it’s definitely late.

Just ask the stars of the Dragon Con Late Show. (Which airs on Dragon Con TV at 9AM.) This informative live program fills you in on all of the day’s must-see events and outlines important changes to the schedule. The Dragon Con Late Show is definitely the best use of your breakfast hour before programming begins at 10AM.

This reporter is a veteran of the 7AM to 10AM volunteer shift at Dragon Con. Working during these under-populated hours has advantages and disadvantages.

The biggest and most obvious disadvantage is the lack of sleep. Because let’s face it, I’m going to attend late-night events and parties, regardless of what time the wake-up call is scheduled to drag me out of bed.

The coolest advantage is the quiet. No crowds or lineups. Elevators arrive within seconds. And I am afforded the time to collect my thoughts before I have to pretend to be coherent. (See the aforementioned late night activities.)

Trust me. You haven’t truly experienced the complete spectrum of this convention until you’ve embraced (or at least survived) the 7 to 10AM shift.

So worship caffeine in all of its consumable forms, fellow Dragon Con attendees. You can sleep when you get home.

Author of the article

When Suzanne Church isn't chasing characters through other realms, she's hanging with her two children. Her short fiction has appeared in Clarkesworld, On Spec, and Cicada and in several anthologies including Urban Green Man and When the Hero Comes Home 2. Her collection Elements: A Collection of Speculative Fiction is due out in spring 2014 from EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing. She is a three time finalist and 2012 winner of the Prix Aurora Award in the Short Fiction category.

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