Calling All Mech Pilots!

Ever have the urge pilot a mech? Well, now’s your chance to jump into a pod and take the mech of your dreams for a spin. MechCorps’ BattleTech has eleven pods waiting for you in the Galleria Exhibit Hall (Hil).

mech pilots
Photo by Dave Nelson

After you sign up for duty (for the small fee of seven dollars for seven minutes), chose your call sign, and select your mech. Are you a Madcat? A Vulture? Or is Thor or Loki more your style? According to ranking officer Muerte, you can even tweak your mech’s specifications for a specialized build of your choice.

Once you’ve made your selection, a MechCorps expert will have you ready to fight in one minute. But, if you want that added edge, request extra training for free.  A MechCorps expert will be happy to explain all 84 controls, switches, and heads-up displays, although you don’t need to know them all to hold your own on the virtual battlefield.

Experienced MechCorps pilot Leigh Ward (call sign Inky Pheonix) noted how satisfying it is to hop into one of these fully-functional battle simulators, target that one particular friend (you know who she means), and “blow them up as many times as you can.” Unsurprisingly, she likes the Vulture the best because it’s speedy and has good missiles–perfect for striking that annoying companion from a safe distance. You can get a discount on a four-round pack, so you can repeat the pleasure for less. And get even more bang for your buck during the half-price Zombie Hours special from 3AM to 6AM.

When not at conventions, MechCorps Entertainment is based in Houston and has $25 all-you-can-fight nights. Back at Dragon Con for the fifth time, the pods run 24 hours a day, so you won’t have to miss your chance at this unique experience. For more information, visit

And the best part? If the enemy gets off a lucky shot and your metal gladiator goes down in a ball of flame, don’t despair. Simply eject from your pod and live to fight another day.

So choose your mechs, warriors. MechCorps wants you!

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