Registration Hours and New for 2014: Presales

Available now through August 16, 2014, a limited number of Saturday Only memberships will be available through the Dragon Con store for $50.00 and a limited number of Sunday Only memberships will be available for $40.00.*

Saturday Only memberships can only be picked up on Saturday, August 30, 2014 in the Capital Ballroom of the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel and Sunday Only memberships can only be picked up on Sunday, August 31, 2014, also in the Capital Ballroom. Follow the signage directing you to pre-paid memberships or follow the blue tape. Click here to purchase your memberships now!

If you have questions, or concerns about presales for Dragon Con, please contact the Dragon Con Office directly or call the office during business hours Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM (EST) at 404-669-0773.

Please note that after August 16, 2014, you can only purchase a single day membership on that specific day at the convention. For 2014, we will use both the Capitol Ballroom and the Georgia Ballroom at the Sheraton to process anyone who wishes a single day only membership on Saturday or Sunday. If you are using cash or credit and wish to purchase a one-day only membership for Saturday or Sunday, follow the blue or green tape.

Prepaid Registration hours are as follows:

  • Thursday (8/28): 10AM – 10PM
  • Friday (8/29): 8AM – 10PM
  • Saturday (8/30): 8AM – 10PM
  • Sunday (8/31): 8AM – 10PM
  • Monday (9/1): 8AM – 5PM

[*No group discounts or transfers allowed.]

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