Warehouse 13 – Out of Time, Not Out of Mind

Joanne Kelly, Eddie McClintock, Saul Rubinek, Allison Scagliotti, and writer Deric A. Hughes were on this heart-touching and jovial panel in Centennial II-III (H) tackling the Q & A session for Warehouse 13 Saturday afternoon at 4PM.

Warehouse 13 panel
Photo by Joseph Y. Wong

One of the more exciting things about this panel was that this was Joanne Kelly’s first time to Dragon Con. She was genuinely thrilled to be here and enthusiastically welcomed with open arms by the audience.

Eddie started working on a sketch as soon as the panel began. Even while busy creating a masterpiece that was auctioned off for the Atlanta Community Food Bank Charity, he was the jokester (or buffoon, as he labeled himself) of the panel.

Saul was the veteran of the group. It was obvious the cast and Deric highly admires and respect this man as both actor and mentor. He appeared to be the grounding influence of this “family.”

Allison was “the new kid on the block at 18,” the younger sister you couldn’t help but look after and guide. She said her first day on the set it was as if “the cast spread their arms wide open and said ‘come get under here.'”

Deric was a last-minute addition to this panel. Saul stated that he had seen Deric and “dragged him up here.” The audience broke out in thunderous applause. It was interesting hearing his thoughts on how the cast acted and his feedback on various episodes.

One of the questions posed to the panel was “What skill did you have to learn for an episode that you still practice/use to this day?” Tap dancing was a popular answer, but Eddie’s response was priceless: “I still save the world on a daily basis.”

When asked about practical jokes, apparently Eddie’s flatulence was a continuous source of amusement (mostly for him and deadly for others). There are some clips of farting escapades on the blooper video where the SBDs would hit other cast members and make them gag.

All of the panel members fielded questions from the audience. Some questions and comments from con attendees brought laughter; others, tears. Joanne probably stated it best when she said how grateful the cast is that Warehouse 13 brought so much joy and comfort to so many viewers and how it touched lives.

Although Warehouse 13 has run out of time as a series, it will never be out of the minds (and hearts) of viewers everywhere.

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