2018 Dragon Con Independent Film Festival Winners

Best Short Film: Baghead

Best Animated Film: The Legend of Rasputin

Honorable Mention: Sound From the Deep

Spirit of Dragon Con: The Bucketheads—A Star Wars Story team

Animated Comedy

1st Place: The Legend of Rasputin

Finalists: Bluehilda, Sea-Tectives

Animated Drama

1st Place: Pour 585

Finalists: Crossing, Winston


1st Place: Voyage Trekkers

Finalists: Hope in a Box, Kitchen Sink Classic

Dark Comedy

1st Place: Tuesday Crowd

Finalists: The Infamous Guy Christman, Multikill

Fan Film

1st Place: Jason’s Nightmare

Finalists: Bucketheads—A Star Wars Story, Star Wars: Dresca


1st Place: Past and Future Kings

Finalists: Page-Jumper, T is for Tada


1st Place: Baghead

Finalists: Keep the Gaslight Burning, Sound From the Deep

Horror Comedy

1st Place: Lunch Ladies

Finalists: The Bloody Ballad of Squirt Reynolds, We Summoned A Demon

Science Fiction

1st Place: The Replacement

Finalists: The Boogeys, Connect

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