Game of Bones: The John Barrowman Show


It started with two scantily clad men in collars, and it just went down the gutter from there. Cersei Lannister—aka John Barrowman—defies description. If you have never seen him live, I really don’t know how to describe the debauchery that is John Barrowman.

Because the Daily Dragon is a family-friendly publication, much of the panel cannot be recounted here in polite company. We will just tell you that his first story involved gay bars, drunk uber rides, and furniture on beds. We also had half-naked flossing, kilt checks, and #masterbinging.

When asked about having a crush on his co-actors on set, Barrowman took the opportunity to bring his husband Scott on stage as he told stories about working with Stephen Amell on the set of Arrow.

One fan asked what Captain Jack Harkness’s reaction would be to Jodie Whittaker’s version of the Doctor. He replied Captain Jack would look her up and down, nod, and say, “I can work with that.”

On a more serious note, Barrowman is unapologetically himself and had a serious message for those who are bullied for trying to be themselves. “If people don’t like you, tell them to **** off.”

As usual, Barrowman closed his panel with his beautiful voice. First on “A Thousand Years,” his tribute to the ability to love who you want to love no matter how long it may take. Finally, he sang “I Am What I Am” from La Cage aux Folles.

Barrowman, thank you—and stay you.

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