Self-Publishing in YA: It’s All About Control

The “Self-Publishing For Young Adult Audiences,” panel on the Young Adult Literature track at Marriott on Sep 3, 2023 at 5:30 PM was moderated by Natalie Simpson and featured authors Eric Asher, Katie Cross, Sean Fletcher, Isabelle Hardesty, and Katharine E. Wibell. Before diving into the discussion of publishing, Natalie started off by asking the authors what made them want… Read more →

Bug-Out Travel Plans

The “You Walked HOW FAR?!?” panel, streaming on DCTV’s Fan Track starting Saturday at 5:30PM, taught viewers how to prepare for travel under the worst possible scenarios, as would be expected from a panel brought to us by the Forced Survival programming of the Apocalypse Rising track. The moderator Hans Eckman spoke with experts at planning for emergencies and disasters:… Read more →

Win the Wars, Not Just the Battle

The “Franchise from a Galaxy Far, Far Away” track welcomed Alex Boland, Jim Griffin, Jean Marie Ward and moderator Ian Boley to the track room in Marriott A706 Sunday at 2:30PM for a session examining the relationship between the Star Wars universe and the modern military. The panel, composed primarily of national defense professionals, focused much of its energy on… Read more →

Taking it Too Far: Musical Avengers

Taking it Too Far: Musical Avengers

When you give a bunch of superhero geeks and theater nerds a tantalizing glimpse of something like Rogers: The Musical on a Disney+ series, it is practically an invitation for us to take it too far. And take it too far we did at “Rogers: The Musical – Dragon Con Style: A Table Read” on Sunday at 1PM in Marriott… Read more →

A Writer’s Guide: Cat Rambo’s Fifty Ways, More or Less, to Leave your Living

Cat Rambo, author, writing teacher, and past president of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) left her job at Microsoft twenty-some years ago. She worked at anything writing-related to follow her dream to be a full-time writer. By her example, Rambo inspired writers attending the Two-Day Intensive Writers Workshop directed by Jody Lynn Nye. Rambo also attended a… Read more →

Making Sense of a Fantastical World: Examining Zelda

A panel of experts convened Saturday at 2:30 PM in Hilton 209–211 to discuss scientific concepts from the fantasy world of The Legend of Zelda video game series. In “Hyrule Academy: Science in Tears of the Kingdom,” attendees learned about how phenomena from the game may be scientifically possible. Panelists Ryan A. Consell, Jess Eppstein, Emily A. Finke, and Topher… Read more →

2023 Masquerade Winners

2023 Masquerade Winners

Most Inspirational: Carol Williams, Phoenix Rising from the Ashes Best in Horror: Charlie Blood, Jibaro, Love, Death + Robots Best Inside Joke: Michele Capamaggio, Meghan Letchworth, Marie Schiavone, Joe Schiavone, Sarah Schafer, Morgan Skye, and Mike Crampton, DragonConTV Dragon and Yip Yips Best in Anime: Patrick Wallace, Howl, Howl’s Moving Castle Best Mashup: Brian K. Johnson, Mando Maar Vin Novice:… Read more →