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Wednesday Before Dragon*Con Cocktail Party
For those of us who want to have a “con” before the Con. Come join us as we celebrate another year of Dragon*Con and the “Quiet Before the Storm” on Wednesday night! Wed 8PM, Pulse Bar (Marriott).


All of us have lots we want to do Thursday night: meet-ups, parties, hang with friends at bars, etc. So come join us while we do them all and get a little taste of everything Thursday at Dragon*Con has to offer! We’ll be giving away glow everything after-dark bead necklaces and other stuff! More info and RSVP.

  • 6:00PM: Assemble (Pulse Bar, Marriott)
  • 6:30PM: Girls of the Con (Pulse Bar, Marriott)
  • 7:00PM: Bucket ‘O Rum Meet & Greet (Twenty-Two Storys Bar, Hyatt)
  • 8:15ishPM: The Aether Lounge (Atlanta Ballroom, Westin)
  • 9:00PM: Con Voluted ABC Party (costume change at 8:45) (Hyatt)
  • 9:30PM: Some of us will be breaking away shortly to hit the Contourage Meet n’Greet to get our party passes (Hyatt)
  • 10:00PM: Conslut Meet n’Greet to get passes to Friday’s party
  • 11:00PM: Return to ABC Party and/or storm the Marriott bar and wait for the Warchild concert (Atrium Ballroom, Marriott)

Twisted World and Kitty Kouture Costumes Bash
The sexiest party of the con. Must be 21+ for admission. ID will be checked at the door. No ID, no admission. Thu 6PM, Room TBD (Marriott).

Girls of the Con Meet n’ Greet
Come meet some of the past, present, and future GOTC Calendar girls! Look for our banners. Thu 6:30PM, Pulse Bar (Marriott).

Dragon*Con’s World Famous Bucket ‘O Rum Meet & Greet
Stop by between parties and events for some shenanigans! We’ll be taking pictures of revelers enjoying Buckets, aka Voodoo Juice. Hope to see y’all there! Thu 7PM, Twenty-Two Storys Bar (Hyatt).

Thursday Night Bachelorette Party
Valerie Hampton and Scarlet Steward are to be brides. What better time to have a Hen Night/Bachelorette Party than at Dragon*Con? We’ll have a sorta British Theme. Lots of favors and prizes, and three fun games. For more info, see our Facebook event page. Thu 8:15PM, Pulse Bar (Marriott).

The Aether Lounge
Have a drink and relax before the revelry of Dragon*Con begins in earnest. Join your fellow fans as we christen what was once just an informal mix and mingle into a ballroom level event featuring DJs from within the Alternate History Track—Emmett Davenport of the Clockwork Cabaret Radio Show and Track Director DJ Doctor Q. Thu 8:30PM, Atlanta Ballroom (Westin).

3rd Annual Con Voluted ABC Party and Dragon*Con Kickoff Party
This party has grown exponentially every year, and this year we’ve secured one of the largest suites at the Hyatt. From 9-10PM: for VIP’s only; from 10PM-midnight: you must be in an “ABC” outfit (Anything But Clothes) for admission; after midnight: open to general admission but ABC outfits will be given priority. Must be 21+ for admission. ID will be checked at the door. No ID, no admission. For more info, see our Facebook event page. Thu 9PM, Room TBD (Hyatt).

Bunny Hutch Dragon*Con Kick-off
It’s that time again! Time for tails, laughter, and libations celebrating the most wonderful time of the year—Dragon*Con! Come in your finest Playboy bunny regalia—traditional or with a fun twist—and strut your stuff. The more bunnies, the merrier! Thu 9PM, Pulse Bar (Marriott).

Rock Before the Con with Warchild
Come rock with Warchild before the convention begins in earnest. Fronted by Steven Warchild, Warchild is an Atlanta based rock band with a sound that stays with you and a devoted cult following. Thu 11:30PM, Atrium Ballroom (Marriott).


G+ Hangout In Real Life
A Google+ Hangout in real life event. Fri 5PM, 10th Floor (Marriott) (The area with all the tables).

The Best Night Ever: A My Little Pony Party
Everypony at Dragon*Con is cordially invited to discuss all things My Little Pony and have a sing-along. Attendees are asked to please bring money to chip in for pizza. Also welcome are drinks and other snacks to share. Fri 7PM, Peachtree Center Food Court by Subway and Moe’s (moved due to expected inclement weather).

Rock Star Photo Shoot
Hosted by the party group CON*tourage (infamous for their annual Heavy Metal Party), this annual group photo gathering is a great time for all genres of rockers and famous musician costumers to come together for one big Rock Star Photo Shoot! We’ll meet in the Pulse Bar for mingling and photos, then near 8:30PM, we’ll find an open area/wall for group photos. Groupies and star struck fans welcome, as well as photographers. See Facebook Event for more info. Fri 8PM, Pulse Bar (Marriott).

An Evening at Bree
Join the Tolkien Track for a great Dragon*Con tradition but with new flavor! Back are the incomparable Emerald Rose and the best Middle-earth costumes and contest around. Craig Parker will emcee the competition as we admire and award costumes from Middle-earth. Participants can register Friday at the Tolkien track room (L401-403, Marriott) or at fan table located in the Hyatt. Contest registration closes Friday at 7PM. Categories are “book inspired,” “movie inspired,” “comic,” “group,” and “children (age 13 and under). Fri 8:30PM, Centennial I (Hyatt).

Apocalypto Disco, Our Last Dance – Charity Ball
News flash: the world is ending…again. This time, it’s the ancient Mayans that have predicted our demise. Since the end is nigh, there’s only one thing the members of Dragon*Con can do about it: party! And nothing says the end of the world like…disco. This is a charity event. All donations will benefit Dragon*Con’s 2012 charity, The Georgia Chapter of the ALS Association. The Costuming Track will be donating some “Hot Stuff”! Cash bar available. Come boogie down like there’s no tomorrow! Fri 10PM, Regency VI-VII (Hyatt).

Zombie Prom
Shamble the night away with the Apocalypse Rising Track amidst tacky decorations, cast your vote for Zombie King and Queen, and even get that longed-for portrait of a zombie biting your loved one. All that and more at the hottest shamble-fest at Dragon*Con, Zombie Prom! Fri 10PM, Grand Ballroom A-F (Sheraton).

Team Free Will: A Supernatural Photo Shoot
Calling all hunters, demons, angels, and other supernatural beings for our group photo shoot. For more information, please check out our page Team Free Will on Facebook. Fri 11PM, 10th Floor area (Marriott).

Legend of the Seeker/Goodkind Photo Shoot
Join the Seekers, Mord-Siths, Confessors, Sisters of the Dark, and more for a big group photo shoot. Additional events and contest information. Fri 11:30 PM, 10th Floor area (Marriott).


Jordu Schell
Truth presents Jordu Schell! Meet the mind behind the art for such films and TV shows as Avatar, 300, Hellboy, Babylon 5, and many more! He will be sculpting with wet clay 10AM-12PM at Ballroom Level (Hyatt) and at 1PM-4PM at Horror Track, Embassy Level (Hyatt). Jordu Schell will have two panels: Sat 7PM at Valdosta (Sheraton) and Sun 4PM at Embassy (Hyatt). Come and see him speak about his specialty!

Furry Meetup
Inviting all furries, fursuiters, nekos, otherkin, fur friendly fans, and Dragon*Con attendees for a meet-up and photo op at the hotel FWA will be at in March. Sat 6PM, Stairs out front on Peachtree St. (Westin).

An Evening at the Winespring Inn
The Wheel of Time Track’s annual party: an evening of music and merriment at everyone’s favorite inn! Sat 10PM, Atlanta Ballroom (Westin).

Heroes and Villains Ball
Sponsored by Guild Launch

So last year at the Sheraton on Saturday night, Dragon*Con had a “Gathering of Heroes” party in one room and a “Villains Ball” in another. Since heroes cannot “be heroic” without villains, and villains cannot spout overly dramatic dialog without heroes, the MMORPG Track and the British Sci-Fi Track decided to join forces and throw one big bash. DJ Jennocide will be spinning tunes until the wee hours and we will have photo areas set up if you’d like to show off your favorite heroic (or villainous) costume. Sat 10PM, Grand Ballroom (Sheraton).

Mighty Fine Shindig
Join the Whedonverse Track and guests Pandora Celtica and Marc Gunn to dance the night away on Persephone and planets beyond! Sat 10PM, Peachtree Ballroom A-F (Westin).


Pancake Chowdown
The one meal at Dragon*Con you don’t want to miss. CON*tourage will be hosting this annual event and have two types of pancakes available: plain and chocolate chip. In addition to being a great time to fill your bellies with sugary carbs, you’ll also be able to mingle with your fellow Dragon*Con 2012 attendees and swap Con stories. Show up anytime after 10AM on Sunday as long as it’s before Noon. Please be patient if there’s a slight wait on flapjacks. Facebook Event info. Sun 10AM, CON*tourage Suite TBA (Hyatt).

Princess Alethea’s Traveling Sideshow
Free swag bags! Goodies! Prizes! Fun for all ages! Join Princess Alethea and her guests Leanna Renee Hieber, Gray Rinehart, and James Maxey for an exciting hour of stories, songs, and zombie haikus. Rubber duckies will be thrown. Come one, come all, and come early—you don’t want to miss this! Sun 2:30PM, Edgewood (Hyatt).

Jordu Schell
Truth presents Jordu Schell! Meet the mind behind the art for such films and TV shows as Avatar, 300, Hellboy, Babylon 5, and many more! He will be having a panel on Sunday 4PM in Embassy (Hyatt).

Once Upon a Time Cosplayers Meetup and Photo Shoot
For cosplay characters from the ABC hit Once Upon a Time or just fans of the show. We will proceed from the Pulse Bar to Hardy Ivy Park for a 6PM photo shoot with a professional photographer. Alternate location in case of rain after meetup is the 5th Floor of the Hilton. Check out the list of costumes and more information on our Once Upon a Time Facebook page. Sun 5:30PM, Pulse Bar (Marriott)

World of Warcraft Trivia Contest/Meet and Greet/Fan Gathering
This year’s World of Warcraft Fan Gathering has something for every WoW fan. Do you enjoy watching your hosts and fellow fans make complete fools of themselves while trying to dance like Draenei? The DC*MMO crew has got you covered. Are you one of the legions of fans who have been asking for a WoW Trivia Contest? We’re doing one of those too! Unfortunately, the one thing we won’t have this year is puntable gnomes. The Gnomes formed a union and have been picketing Grim’s house all year long. Sun 7PM, Grand Salon E (Hilton).

Mechanical Masquerade
The Alternate History Track is proud to bring the Mechanical Masquerade, previously the annual Fall Celebration by the Artifice Club, to Dragon*Con. This fantastic event will feature some of the best and brightest from any time period. Costumes or formalwear with a mask are encouraged, but all are welcome. There will be live music, DJs, and a chance to waltz, swing, tango, and just move your feet to music from the past and the many possible futures that could have been and more! Sun 8:30PM, Peachtree Ballroom (Westin).

Yule Ball
The pleasure of your company is requested at the Yule Ball where students of Hogwarts will socialize with their “foreign” guests! There will be well-mannered frivolity. Wear your Hogwarts finest or whatever! Sun 8:30PM, Grand Ballroom (Sheraton).

Pern and Game of Thrones Wedding
Joesph Hand will be marrying Valerie Hampton in the Pern track room. The wedding will have Pern and Game of Thrones themes. Light refreshments will be served, all reserved guests will get favors, and there will be prizes. Groom has requested pictures, so show up in medieval or GoT or Pern costumes and be photographed. Sun 10PM, Vinings (Hyatt). 


Baen eBooks Scavenger Hunt
Win a coupon for a free eBook of your choice from and Grand Prize for fastest completion is a signed hardcover and a blow-up poster of John Ringo’s Queen of Wands signed by the author and artist.

Scan the mobi tag in the Planet Baen advertisement from the Dragon*Con program book, or from a postcard, or from a poster at Dragon*Con, and then follow the instructions to sign in and register for the scavenger hunt. You’ll also need to go to and register for Planet Baen, the revolutionary online game where you build a world and earn free eBooks. More details on the scavenger hunt (including pictures of the scavenger hunt items) can be found at

Good Luck, Scavenger Hunters!

Game of Thrones Meet-Ups and Photo Shoots
In one place, for your convenience:

  • Meetup: Friday 4PM, Hyatt International Tower 22nd floor lounge
  • Post-parade: Soda and water provided for parade GoT costumers. Saturday Noon, 5th Floor (Hilton)
  • After AMSF panel: Saturday 8PM, A704 (Marriott)
  • Post-panel photos with backdrops (Stargate Party): The Stargate group is providing GoT themed backdrops from 8:30 to midnight for pictures at the cost of $5-10, which will be donated to Dragon*Con’s 2012 charity, the GA Chapter of the ALS Association. Saturday 8:30PM, Plaza Ballroom (W)
  • ASOIAF/GoT themed wine and beer tasting: This event is at capacity but look forward to more interesting panels and tastings, etc. for 2013. Saturday 9:30 PM
  • Meetup before Noon photo shoot: Sunday 11AM, Hilton Lobby
  • Main Photoe Shoot: Sunday Noon, Sheraton Pool Area (if too crowded or too hot, our backup is the 3rd floor landing at the top of the grand staircase outside of the grand ballroom)
  • Trivia (AMSF): Sunday 8PM, A704 (Marriott)
  • GoT/Pern Wedding: Sunday 10PM, Vinings (Hyatt)

M/M Authors Meet and Greet
Join us for a meet and greet with authors of male/male romance, featuring Shae Connor, Jax Cordoba, Ellen Holiday, Kiernan Kelly, Pearl Love, Nessa Warin, and more! Autographs, free stuff, discounted books, and all the hot men you can shake a sword at! Sat & Sun 1–4PM, 10th Floor (Marriott).

Terry Goodkind Trivia Contest
Come by the Terry Goodkind/Seeker fan table on the Hyatt Exhibit Level to enter a super-geeky contest and win fabulous The First Confessor and Terry Goodkind goodies.

Fan table hours:

  • Friday 2:00–7:00PM
  • Saturday 10:00AM–7:00PM
  • Sunday 10:00AM–7:00PM
  • Monday 10:00AM–2:00PM

Additional Goodkind/Seeker meet-ups, including fan panels, on LiveJournal.

“Flavor Monsters” Mobile App Game
Truth presents their “Flavor Monsters” mobile app game on IOS and Android devises! Come visit our booth on the Ballroom level of the Hyatt (to the right at bottom of escalators) to get free Truth tees and your raffle ticket for a chance to win one free “Flavor Monster” vinyl toy.

Demo hours:

  • Friday 5PM
  • Saturday 5PM
  • Sunday 5PM