Happy First Dragon*Con, E’dee!
We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!
—Jaime, Kenny, & Jocelyn

To Ripper and Caypo who just got engaged at Dragon*Con after ten years!

Thanks to X Track Staff
For your amazing work. Beth & Deb, way to run a panel!

Jacob, Happy 12th B-Day!
Hope you enjoy your first Dragon*Con!
—Love, Mom, Dad, & Luha

Happy Birthday A.J. Scudiere
We look forward to many more Dragon*Con adventures with you. We love you!
—Eli & family

To all the Scotties at Dragon*Con this Weekend
Black Ring Mafia represent!

We met at Dragon*Con 22 yrs ago and have been together all these years. Thanks so much for sticking it out and making my life sweeter and so much brighter! You are the very best, and I will always love you.

Happy first D*Con, Hang Marquez!
To my lovely geeks, let’s have another EPIC con! Shout out to the Peculiar Pretzelmen!! Miss you guys this year!
—Love, Brina

Thank you so much Erin and Brandon @balexander for a great time in ATL
Hope D*C 2012 is as awesome as last time!

Dear Daddy-Mac
Have fun at your very first Dragon*Con ever! I know this is a lifetime dream come true for you! Enjoy your weekend of true geekdom and don’t hold back! Be Yourself!
—Love, Tripper and Daddy-R

Happy Birthday Mac McDavid
This will be his first Dragon*Con, a true lifetime dream come true!
—From someone who loves him very much

To All of My Sweet Puppets
Can’t wait to spend five fun-filled days with you at Dragon*Con! Cheers to another year of shenanigans, debauchery, and laughter!

Happy 17th Anniversary, Corn Federline!
I love you!
—Raver Song

To My Dear Friend Karen Venn
Sorry I can’t be with you again this year. So I’ll take this opportunity to say “Happy Birthday!”
—Elizabeth K.

To JP and the Rest of the D*C Parade Staff
Thank you for making the parade such a great experience. This is our 3rd, and each one just gets better. “Everyone loves a parade”! Keep up the good work.
—Girls of the Con

Bindiya, Shelby, and Angie
I’m so glad we get another chance to do some damage. Let’s make year two bigger, better, and shiny! We may just grab Leatrice, too! Happy Dragon*Con, ladies.

To Robert
They say that love enables you to see the other person so clearly. I am glad that I have been in your sight for the past 9.5 years. Here’s to two years of being smug marrieds! Thank you for showing me to the joys of Dragon*Con for the past five years. Here’s to many more, especially with our little dragon (I should say snake, since it’s the year of the snake but heck, he/she was conceived in the year of the dragon) making its debut next year!
—Love, Alison

Hey Erin! Welcome to Your First Dragon*Con!
We’re very happy to have you join the festivities this year. Have a blast and enjoy! Rock on, Marvel Girl! Achievement Unlocked: Dragon*Con
—William & Jason

To My Knight in Slightly Dented Mandolorian Armor, Ray McCoy
Happy Anniversary! Dragon*Con brought us together, married us, and now is the best anniversary ever! I love you!

To the Colonial Fleet
It’s frakkin’ Dragon*Con! So drink we all!
—Ginger (Sara)

Happy 20th Dragon*Con, John Troutman
To many more fun times!

Sarah, Melanie, Erika, Justine, and Gabby
A shout-out to all my nerdy girls at the con this year! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

To Dan
Married on Thursday morning, then on to our Dragon*Con honeymoon. Geeky perfection! I love you.

Happy 13th Birthday, Elijah!
A Padawan no more, you’re now a Jedi! I am so proud of you. Your joy of living, your determination to succeed, and your amazing imagination brings a smile to my heart.
—Granny Anomar

Happy Dragon*Con!
Coming up fast! Can’t wait!
—Alyssa C.

It’s been six years since I proposed and nearly puked on you ’cause of nerves in my stormtrooper armor in the Hyatt lobby! Love you.

Happy Birthday
This the first Dragon*Con for Crystle Rain. She is Sweet 16!
—Crystle’n Entity