NEW GUESTS: Nathaniel Buzolic, Sebastian Roche, Michael Trucco


“Lost: Greatest Moments and Greatest Puzzles” A fandom discussion with Aaron Poole, Jon Boutelle, and JJ Hawkins of some of the greatest moments and the greatest puzzles (resolved and not) from Lost. Fri 10AM, M106-107 (M).

Michael Trucco will be on “BSG – This is not all We are” Fri 11:30AM, Atrium Ballroom (M).

“An Hour with Anthony Michael Hall” Spend an hour with Anthony Michael Hall as he discusses his film history and future plans. Fri 1PM, Centennial II-III (Hy).

“A Q&A with Michael Dorn” Fri 7PM, Grand Ballroom A-F (S).

James Urbaniak will be on “Quiz-o-Tron 2000” Fri 10PM, International South (Hy).


Suzanne Church will be on “Wake Up Writers Roundtable” Sat 10AM, Embassy D-F (Hy).

Nathaniel Buzolic and Sebastian Roche will be on “Vampire Diaries” Sat 1PM, Atrium Ballroom (M).

“Babylon 5: Gathering of the Babblers” After Bruce Boxleitner and Mira Furlan appear, while you’re still in the zone, get together with your fellow Babylon 5 fans! (Babblers? Babylonians?) Sat 2:30PM, A703 (M).

“How NOT to Make a Movie: Filmmaker Horror Stories” With Hunter Cressall and Jeff Ello. Making a movie never goes according to plan. Often, the failures are more entertaining than the final product. We’ll show you ours if you show us yours. Sat 2:30PM, Embassy C (Hy).

Kelly Lockhart will be on “Belief Systems in SF 102” Sat 2:30PM, Fairlie (Hy).

Philippa Ballantine will be on “The World is Bigger Than England: Multi-Culturalism in the Alt. Hist Environment” Sat 2:30PM, International BC (W).

Michael Trucco will be on “BSG – Welcome to the Quorum” Sat 4PM, Centennial II-III (Hy).

“Open Filking” Sat 1AM, Baker (Hy).

“Remembering Jerry Nelson” Jerry Nelson performed characters such as Count von Count and Herry Monster on Sesame Street; and Muppet Show characters, Floyd Pepper, Lew Zealand, and Robin, as well as Gobo on Fraggle Rock. Join friends and colleagues as they share their memories of Jerry. Sat 1PM, M101 (M).

Performance by Jarred Claxon” Sat 5:30PM, Baker (Hy).

“Filk Show with Matt Leger and Rob Wynne” Sat 7PM, Baker (Hy). Sat 7PM, Baker (Hy).

Aaron Poole and Joseph Scrimshaw will be on “Gonzoroo II” Sat 8:30PM, Atrium (M).


“Weapons in Fiction” Laser blasters or M4s? How and when gun accuracy is important in the comics medium from Nathan Edmondson, the author of The Activity, Who Is Jake Ellis?, Ultimate Iron Man, and more. Sun 10AM, Kennesaw (Hy).

NEW Alethea Kontis will be on “Breaking off the Page with Janet Lee” Sun 11:30, Hanover F (Hy).

“Aliens: Friendly Visitors or Invading Foes?” From V and Falling Skies to ET and Contact, we’ve seen different reasons for alien visits. Let’s discuss with Leigh Bennett-Conner, Bob Blackwood, and John Flynn what we think would be the reasons aliens will visit. Sun 11:30AM, M106-107 (M).

“The Future of TV is Online, Featuring Aaron Douglas” Aaron talks about his new show, Hemlock Grove, and other works. Sun 11:30AM, A601-602 (M).

“Performance by Matt Leger” Sun 11:30AM, Baker (Hy).

Nathaniel Buzolic and Sebastian Roche will be on “Vampire Diaries” Sun 11:30AM, Peachtree Ballroom A-F (W).

“Metalocalypse Fan Panel” Join groupies for Dethklok to talk about all things Metalocalypse! Sun 1PM, Dunwoody (Hy).

“Open Filking” Sun 1PM, Baker (Hy).

“Reading: Van Allen Plexico” Sun 2:30PM, University (Hy).

NEW “All the Latest News on The Hobbit” TORn summarizes the known body of Hobbit knowledge, some from the set. Q&A + speculation. Sun 2:30PM, Cent I (Hy).

“Ask Zombie Squad” Sheltering in place, bug out bags, and skills for the apocalypse or whatever else you want to discuss. Zombie Squad will be on hand to answer your questions with panelists Aaron AuBuchon, Chris Bellers, Chris Cyr, Kevin Hammel, and Kristan Nickels. Sun 4PM, Vinings I-II (W).

“Lantern City Signing” Join the creators of Lantern City for an exclusive signing event! Sun 4PM, Augusta (W).

“Performance Workshop with Craig Crumpton” Sun 4PM, Baker (Hy).

“Venture Bros. Signing” Following “The Venture Bros.” panel, Doc Hammer, Jackson Publick, and James Urbaniak will be signing autographs. Sun 4PM, tables outside the Atrium Ballroom (M).

Michael Trucco will be on “BSG – Bright Shiny Futures are Overrated” Sun 5:30PM, Atrium Ballroom (M).

Aaron Poole and Joseph Scrimshaw will be on “Gonzo Quiz Show IV: The Quest For Quiz” Sun 7PM, Atlanta Ballroom (W).

Suzanne Church will be on “Short and Not So Sweet Stories” Sun 7PM, Embassy D-F (Hy).

NEW “Brina Palencia Sings!” Sun 7:30PM, Baker (Hy).


Michael Trucco will be on “BSG – Galactica will bring us Home” Mon 11:30AM, Atrium Ballroom (M).

Sherrilyn Kenyon will be signing autographs Mon 11:30AM, M301-304 (M).

“Make the Internet More Skeptical With One Mouse Click” Tim Farley will talk on how we can help make the Internet more skeptical, one mouse click at a time. Mon 1PM, 205-207 (Hil).

Aaron Poole
will be on “Make the Bad Men Stop, The Sequel—Stop Harderer and Faster” Mon 2:30PM, M106-M107 (M).