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Wednesday Night Pre-Dragon Con Party
Wednesday is the new Thursday! Can’t wait for Dragon Con to start? You don’t have to! Don those costumes you’ve been waiting all year to put on and come hang out. Wed 8PM, Pulse Bar (Marriott).


The Aether Lounge
Need a place to rest your top hat before Dragon Con begins? Then join the crew of the Alternate History Track for a casual mixer and meet-and-greet with our regular at the Aether Lounge! Featuring music with DJ Doctor Q and a few surprise guests. Cash Bar will be on hand, so come on down, have a drink and mingle! Thu 8:30PM, Atlanta Ballroom (Westin).

The Sci-Fi Classic Track Party-Fest-O-Rama
The Dragon Con American Sci-Fi Classics Track is pleased to announce, in association with the Dragon Con Over 40 Club, the Sci-Fi Classic Track Party-Fest-O-Rama! There will be socializing, bad jokes, bad knees, good music, good people, and more! Open to all Dragon Con members, especially fans of the DC ASFCT! You don’t have to be over 40 to come, but if you’re not, you might get told to get off the lawn (and into the party)! Meet and be sociable with fellow geeks who are fans of classic Sci-Fi, or are classics themselves! If you want snacks, bring them and we’ll serve them! If you want beverages, bring them and we’ll serve them (don’t forget cups)! If you want booze…that’s what after-parties in people’s rooms are for, as the Dragon Con overlords have made drinking in the track rooms verboten. (Means no.) Come one! Come all! Sanctuary! Carousel! Oh Festival! Bring astro-turf! Plan for a great time! Thu 8:30PM, M303-M304 (Marriott).

The Annual Bunny Hutch Con Kick Off
Lady Bunnies and Gentle Hefs, Nerdi Gras is here! As per the tradition, we welcome all bunnies and playboys—from classic cocktail to crossover madness, we love you all (as long as you’re in ears and tails or a smoking jacket)! Your hostest with the mostest is once again Harley Bunny and her main squeeze, Joker Hefner, so look for them if the sea of ears hasn’t yet culminated. This is, as always, an open event, so please invite whomever you would like! All bunnies are welcome except bigot bunnies; there will be trans bunnies, queer bunnies, funny bunnies, grumpy bunnies, serious bunnies, silly bunnies, asexual bunnies, and every bunny bun bun you can imagine, so if you are not cool with that, kindly uninvite yourself. If any unaccepting bunnies do decide to crash, I will have security bounce you out on your closed minded bunny butt faster than you can say, “Boy, those bunnies are b*tches!” Thu 9PM, Pulse Bar (Marriott).

Convention Eve Zaniness with the New York Disco Villains
You are cordially invited to soothe those restless pre con jitters with the slightly askew sounds of the New York Disco Villains. A hyperactive performance certain to get you in the proper mindset for the impending mayhem of the weekend’s convention. An experience much like waiting for a hotel elevator, only slightly more pleasant. Thu 10PM, Centennial Ballroom (Hyatt).


DragonCon 101 Meetup
Connect with other Dragon Con newbies in this casual meet and greet! Fri 10AM, M301-M302 (M).

Game of Thrones Fan Meetup
If you want to connect with other fans that love the show, come to this casual meet and greet. This is an informal gathering. Fri 11:30AM, M301 (M).

Lost Girl Meetup
If you want to connect with other fans that love the show, come to this casual meet and greet. This is an informal gathering. Fri 1PM, M301 (M).

Legend of the Seeker Meetup
Join the largest “Legend of the Seeker” gathering in the world! Fri 4PM, M302 (Marriott).

Once Upon a Time Fan Meetup
If you want to connect with other fans that love the show, come to this casual meet and greet. This is an informal gathering. Fri 5:30PM, M301 (M).

Avengers Ball
The Whedonverse Track will be starting the night off with the ’40s. Some of the fabulous cosplayers at the convention will appear as Captain America and the USO Girls as well as the other Avengers. Time will gradually move forward toward modern time and modern music…like a musical time-lapse camera. The beginning of the night will be swing music and standards and we’ll close off the night with the Avengers dancing to everything from One Direction to Macklemore. Fri 8:30PM, Peachtree Ballroom A-F (Westin).

An Evening At Bree
Join the Tolkien Track for an annual Dragon Con and Tolkien tradition to dance and celebrate in suitable, Middle-earth festivities, costumes, and music. Fri 8:30PM, Centennial I (Hyatt).

Pinups by the Pool Party
Talloolah Love and her bevy of bathing beauties bring to you a poolside treat! Music, gorgeous ladies, and fun is what’s to be had at the poolside party at the fabulous Sheraton Hotel. Be sure to don your best poolside pinup attire for the shimmy contest, and for all of you more aquatically minded lovelies, we will be holding a mermaid competition. Points will be awarded for style, speed, and grace! Lovely prizes will be awarded and more at this sumptuous swimmer’s paradise. Cabana boys and equally tasty master of ceremonies, New Orleans John, will move the party along as Talloolah Love and her Burlesque Bombshells from Saturday night’s Glamour Geek Revue will party the night away in all of it’s enchanting glory! Fri 8:30PM, Sheraton pool.

Stargate Multiverse Charity Night Event
Presented by the Stargate Multiverse Track, games, pub trivia, green screen photos, and this year, the Ken Spivey Band! And don’t forget, you never know who will show up to party with us. Fri 8:30PM, Plaza Ballroom (Westin).

A Very Venture Brothers Party
Join us for a Venture celebration, with costume contest, cocktails, and live music! Fri 8:30PM, International South (Hyatt).

World of Warcraft Trivia & Fan Meetup
Drinking, Thinking, and World of Warcraft. What could go wrong? Match wits with your fellow WoW players for fun and prizes. Special prizes are available if you can beat the “Experts Table.” Fri 8:30PM, Grand Ballroom West (Hilton).

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Ball
Calling all Whovians! The BritTrack is celebrating the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary with a Party! Join us for Dancing, Fun, Mingling, and a Doctor Who Costume Contest! Dress in your finest Whovian Garb, or just dress up for a night celebrating all things Doctor Who for this momentous and once-in-a-lifetime celebration! Fri 10PM, Imperial Ballroom (Marriott).

Revenge of the Nerds: A Dragon Con Homecoming Dance
Dragon Con is hosting its first ever Homecoming Dance. Dust off those poofy dresses and that white tux! Tease up your hair. Step back in time in your best geeky finery! Dance the night away to hits from the 80s. Showoff your sci-fi/fantasy themed gown or tuxedo as part of the Homecoming Court. Proceeds from the event go toward this year’s charities: Noah’s Ark, the Georgia Conservancy, and Marcus Autism Center. Fri 10PM, Regency VI-VII (Hyatt).

Zombie Prom
The lights are low, the music loud, and everywhere you look you just see… Zombies! It’s prom like you’ve never experienced it before. Join the Apocalypse Rising Track as we elect this year’s Zombie Prom King and Queen, have your prom picture taken by professionals, and enjoy what is sure to be the goriest prom since Carrie. Fri 10PM, Grand Ballroom A-F (Sheraton).


Pacific Rim Fan Meetup/Photoshoot!
Why? Because Pacific Rim is pretty much the best movie ever and we should all get together and geek out about it. Find out more on our Facebook group! Sat 2:30PM, Hilton Back Staircase #5.

Sherlock (all adaptations) Meet-up & Photoshoot
Casual gathering of Sherlock fans. Whether you’re a fan of the BBC adaption, Elementary, or prefer the Granada series, any and all lovers of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s legendary detective are invited to come. Informal discussion of the show is sure to take place and whatever else we can think up. Cosplaying of Sherlock-related characters is encouraged but not required. There will be a fun photoshoot for those that come costumed. For more information and updates, see the Facebook event page. Sat 5PM, 10th Floor Skyline (Marriott).

Furry Meet & Greet
Are tail and ears your thing? Have you always wanted to take it a step further and become your inner animal? Do you identify as furry, furry friendly, furcurious, otherkin, therians, lycanthrope, nekos, or anthropomorphic? Come join us for a furry/fursuit centric meetup, your chance to see fursuits up close and talk with people who make/own them. The furry fandom is exploding worldwide with conventions and online communities growing every year. Central to this fandom is “the fursuit.” Much more than your average mascot, come see the costumes and find out why this social phenomenon is exploding. Sat 8:30PM, Atlanta Ballroom (Sheraton).

Heroes and Villains Ball
Brought to you by the DCMMO (Heroes) and Dragon Con’s British Media Track (Villains). Join us for Dragon Con’s most insane track party! You never know who’s going to show up. DJ Jennocide will be spinning until 2AM, and fans in costumes go to the front of the line. We recommend that our guests be 18 or older. Sat 10PM, Grand Ballroom (Sheraton).

Ingress Cross-Faction Dragon Con Meetup
Ingress Agents of both the Resistance and Enlightened Factions are requested to come participate in Operation: Narwhal, a cross-faction meetup for swapping your best stories of your covert actions out in the field, and for putting faces to Agent names from the COMM channel. There are plans to distribute Agent gear shipped in from Niantic HQ, and Agent Amber Peace will be bringing home-baked cookies. Sat 10PM, Hilton Pool Deck (3rd floor).

Last Party on Alderaan
Dragon Con’s Premiere House/Dance/Pop Party phenomenon! Come see and be seen! Let’s dance and party like it’s the end of the world at the Star Wars Track party! Sat 10PM, Imperial Ballroom (Marriott).

Middle-earth Goes Retro Dance Party
Tolkien’s Middle-earth Track presents a totally awesome 80’s dance party! Come dressed in your finest 80’s or Middle-earth threads. Rad music by DJ Deathskiss. Be there or be square! Sat 10PM, East Grand Ballroom (Hilton).

Rainbow Flag Party
A party for the LGBTQI fans at Dragon Con, sponsored by the Costuming Track in conjunction with OutlantaCon. Come dance with us! Cash bar available. Costumes encouraged. State issued ID required. Sat 10PM, Atlanta Ballroom (Sheraton).

KISSNATION: The KISS Tribute Show Invades Dragon Con 2013
The hottest tribute band to the legendary KISS invades Dragon Con 2013! The Look, the Sound, the Spectacle! Whether you’re a diehard KISS fan, someone who just loves a great rock show, or someone anywhere in-between, don’t miss this explosive event and get ready to rock and roll all night with KISSNATION! Sat 11:59PM, Centennial Ballroom (Hyatt).


Furry Meetup
This is a meetup for furries who attend Furry Weekend Atlanta. It is also open to the public and anyone interested in furry fandom. Sun 3PM, Lower Lobby, right corner seating area (Westin).

A Gothic Vampire Pool Soiree
Join at for a Gothic Vampire Pool Soiree. Hosted by Endless Night of New Orleans and Paris France! Complete with a Gothic Fashion Show, full cash bar, and DJs, this event will take a bite out of the Sunday Night Blues! Sun 6PM, Indoor Pool and Oasis (Sheraton).

The Magic Puppet Tea Party
Puppets Only! This very special mixer is for people who brought puppets to Dragon Con. Don your party duds and join the fun! Puppet required to attend. Sun 8:30PM, A704 (Marriott).

The Mechanical Masquerade: The Retropolis
The Alternate History Track is proud to bring the Mechanical Masquerade, previously the annual Fall Celebration by the Artifice Club, to Dragon Con. This fantastic event will feature some of the best and brightest from any time period. Costumes or formal wear with a mask are encouraged, but all are welcomed. There will be live music, DJs, and a chance to waltz, swing, tango, and just move your feet to music from the past and the many possible futures that could have been and more! Sun 8:30PM, Peachtree Ballroom A-F (Westin).

World of Warcraft-Darkmoon Faire
Come and compete with your fellow WoW players in a series of contests based on popular pastimes in Azeroth.

  • Steam Tonk Battles
  • Stranglethorn Vale Fishing Contest
  • DPS Contest
  • Mini-quests (yes, you will actually have to talk to your fellow fans!)
  • Live-Action Arena PVP (No.. you will not actually get to kill your fellow fans.)
  • and the always popular… much more!

There will be live entertainment and appearances by special guests during the festivities. Sun 8:30PM, Grand Ballroom East (Hilton).

Yule Ball
The pleasure of your company is requested at the Yule Ball where students of Hogwarts will socialize with their “foreign” guests! Brought to you by the YA Lit Track, We will have a Wizard Rock band, the Blibbering Humdingers, for about an hour, then announce the costume contest winners, then a DJ’d dance for the rest of the evening. Costumes are welcome and encouraged, but definitely not required. This is an all ages event, but there is often alcohol served where adults are present. Please accompany your under-aged children, as with any event in a major metropolitan city at an evening event. Sun 8:30PM, Grand Ballroom (Sheraton).


Bootie Dragon Con
The worldwide 100% all-mashup dance party comes to Dragon Con, with top mashup artists spinning only the finest in bootlegs and bastard pop. Featuring DJ BC (Mash Ave, The Beastles, Bootie ATL, Bootie Boston) and Pimpdaddysupreme (Mashville, National Pulbic Radio). Free Mashups CDs and tons of fun as we go late on the last night! More info. Mon 3AM, Atrium Ballroom (Marriott).