Congrats to Edward and Jenn Winterrose
On the celebration of their first anniversary! And good luck in the Parsec Awards with Stolen Hearts!
–Tony Raymond

Thanks to Marc Lee, George Perez, the Silk Road Track, and SCA
Who have made my first Dragon Con the Absolute Best! Volunteers and DCTV are an amazing euphoric addition to my nerd/mermaid world. Thanks y’all!
–Leann Drury

To Matteo
Welcome to our family. I look forward to taking you to your first Dragon Con (in costume, of course), and sharing in something that has brought me joy and fond memories throughout the years,
–Robert Ghisolfi

Happy Anniversary to my Lovely Wife, Tracey Carlson
Whom I met here seven years ago today! Thank deity for the Hilton Hotel where we met!

Happy Birthday to my Fantastical Bubba-man!
Not only are you another year older, you’re another year awesome. I love you!!

Happy First Dragon Con to my Awesomesauce 12yo Daughter, Peyton
I know it will be the first of many, many good times for you, baby girl!
–Stephanie Larsen

Becca, I hope that you have an awesome first Dragon Con!
I hope you see something that inspires you, something that intrigues you, and something that scares you (a little).
—Love, Dad

Happy birthdays, Will and Beth!

Happy 55th birthday Jody Bear!
We love you so much!
–Liz and Nay-Nay

Hang, Chris, Jeff, Bryant, Joe, Walt, and Brandon!
Have an epic Dragon Con! Even though I can’t be there with you guys, my little geek heart is there with you in spirit! I love you guys!! 🙂
–Brina O.

RIP Areale N. and Erich B.
Wish you guys could be here but we’re keeping the party going in your honor and we’ll never forget you.
–Kitteh & Endr

Happy Birthday Courtney Patterson Barrington!
Love you lots and lots. See you at Dragon Con!

To My Dragon Con Squirrel Invasion Ladies
I cannot wait to see you! Together we will rule the school and have a blast doing it!
<3 Kimber I Love You So Much, Mark
I hope you love your first of many Dragon Cons. 🙂
—Kayla Ann

Dear Craig
Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary to the greatest husband ever! You are my beloved.

To Our Amazing Daughter Amelia
Can’t wait to celebrate your 12th birthday at Dragon Con this year! So proud of you, nerdy girl! Love you so much!
—Mom and Dad

Happy 1st Dragon Con to Our Budding Artist, Christian Stevens!
—Cathy Cotton

To Angie, Bindiya, and Leatrice
Hooray for three years of Dragon Con goodness! I’m overjoyed to celebrate once again with you ladies! To our DC rookie, Snook, you are going to *lurrrrve* every minute! Welcome aboard!
—Craishae (Hogger Kill Squad)

To Our Third Year Together
To my gorgeous Sailor Scouts: Amy Ingle, Leslie Ingle, Stephanie Goad, and Paula Ingle, you ladies make Dragon Con amazing every year! I can’t wait to do it up again in 16 days!
—Ashley Bailey

To the 2014 Girls of the Con Calendar Girls
We couldn’t have done it without you!
—Thank you, Traci and Jason

So Excited For My Nephew, Andre
To experience his first Dragon Con and first con ever! We can’t wait!

Believe In Sherlock.
Moriarty was Real.

Dragon Con Vegetarians and Vegans!
Looking for information about the best veggie/vegan food available during the con onsite and off? Have some good ideas to help others? Join our Facebook group.

To All the Dragon Con Volunteer Staff
I would just like to say, in advance, a huge THANKS to all of the staff for your hard work and dedication. YOU make this con! We can’t wait to see y’all!
—Jerri Manry

Happy 14th Birthday Elijah!
Whether you are scoring touchdowns or being a late-night gamer, you make my heart smile. May the Force Be With You!
—All my Love, Granny Anomar

Welcome, #Observeris!
Thanks for coming to the show; hope you have a good time. 🙂

Welcome to Atlanta, Jac!
You’re doing it right at the Con!
—Christina Banning

Happy Dragon Con
Alright ladies, it’s getting closer and I cannot wait. Wanted to say how excited I am to be going with all these lovely people: Kelly R., Brandy, Sara, Renee, Rachel, Kelly E., Gillian, Corey, Loni, and Heidi.

Happy 30 Years Of Married Nerdiness
To my honey-bunch: Jeff Slagle
—Nora Tocups

ERMAHGERD Dragon Con 2013!
—Kevin Chappell

Happy Dragon Con
To the Big Badge Club! Walls, Kelly, Julie, JT, Brandon, Corey and Kevyn!
—Mike Collins

Happy 1st Dragon Con to Megan D.
The girl who wastes countless hours with me at work, dissecting the minutiae of SPN and DW and so many others! I am glad you’re here.
—Bekah James

To My Dearest Honeh Bunneh Sith Cheerleader
Have an Imperial Dragon Con!
—Bill Koerber