NEW PRESENTERS: Aidan Scanlan, Daniel Thomas May, David Gaider.


“Women’s Roles in SF” Strong female characters are everywhere these days in genre work. What makes a good, strong female character? Presenters: Suzanne Church, Darlene Bolesny, Jennifer St. Giles. Fri 11:30AM, Embassy B-C (Hy).

“Billy Dee Williams” The coolest man in the universe, loved by millions as Lando Calrissian in the Star Wars universe! Fri 1PM, Centennial I (Hy).

Suzanne Church will be on “Science Fiction or Fantasy?” Fri 2:30PM, Embassy A-B (Hy).

“Venture Villainy 101” Everything you need to know about becoming a villain in the Venture universe! Fri 4PM, Dunwoody (Hy).

Daniel Thomas May will be on “Tony Lately” Fri 5:30PM, Regency V (Hy).

Mike Phirman will be on “FRED Entertainment Panel-Palooza-Extrava-Thingee-a-Doodle” Fri 5:30PM, Grand West (Hil).

Chris Pope will be on “You’re the Publisher: Kickstarting Videogames” Fri 7PM, Grand Salon D (Hil).

“Killers & Corpses. Cinematic Thrillers from Korea to the U.S.” Our masters of darkness, murder, and perverse crime discuss their films, why their stories are filled with such lovely corruption, and if culture is an influence. Fri 7PM, Fairlie (Hy).

Ken Plume will be on “Quiz-O-Tron 2000” Fri 10PM, 204-207 (Hil).

Michael Gilkey will be on “Cryonics: 2013 Updates/Open Disc.” Fri 10PM, 202 (Hil).


“How To Start A Fancast” Are you passionate about a certain TV show (new or old) and interested in starting a podcast centered around it? If so, come hear from podcasters who’ve already done it. What approaches have worked and what pitfalls to avoid. Panelists include: Bill Meeks, Anne Marie DeSimone, Justin Robert Young, Kevin Bachelder, Darrell Darnell, Stephanie Smith, Les Howard. Sat 11:30AM, 203 (Hy).

“Reading: Suzanne Church” Sat 11:30AM, Edgewood (Hy).

Mike Phirman, Paul and Storm, and Molly Lewis will be on “How to Do Comedy Wrong the Right Way” Sat 2:30PM, International North (Hy).

Daniel Thomas May will be on “Walk with Me: The Walking Dead Cast Q&A” Sat 7PM, Peachtree Ballroom (W).

“Most Hated Movies” We’ve all seen them. The movies that Hollywood thought would make it big…but only made a great big mess! Fan based panel on movies we’ve hated, and enjoy hating. Sat 7PM, Fairlie (Hy).

Audrey Kearns, Brian D. Bradley, James Urbaniak, and Joseph Scrimshaw will be on “5 Truths and a Lie” Sat 8:30PM, Grand Ballroom West (Hil).

“Dragon Age: Behind the Scenes” Make your mark on the Dragon Age! BioWare’s beloved fantasy RPG will continue next fall, and the DA: Inquisition Team is here! Presenters: David Gaider, Aidan Scanlan. Sat 8:30PM, Grand Salon D (Hil).

“The Gekkos in Concert” Sat 8:30PM, International North (Hy).

“Lessons in Indie Filmmaking” The master of Troma presents lessons on screen writing and producing, indie-style. Guest: Lloyd Kaufman. Sat 8:30PM, Fairlie (Hy).

“Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut – Q&A and Signing” A Q&A on Clive Barker’s masterpiece of dark fantasy newly cut with a signing at the end. Presenters: Doug Bradley, Russell Cherrington, Chris McCorkindale, Michael Plumides, Craig Sheffer, Nicholas Vince. Sat 10PM, Atlanta Ballroom (W).


Curtis Eller’s American Circus will be on “Dragon Con Burlesque: A Glamour Geek Revue” Sun 12AM, Regency VI-VII (Hyatt).

“Reading: Katherine Kurtz” Sun 10AM, Roswell (Hy).

Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta will be signing autographs Sun 10AM, International South (M).

Aaron Poole will be on “Brit Pop” Sun 11:30AM, Macon (S).

Daniel Logan and Matthew Wood will be on “SW Costume Contest” Sun 1PM Imperial Ballroom (M).

Aaron Poole, Joseph Scrimshaw, Molly Lewis, and Paul and Storm will be on “FRED Entertainment Presents Yet Another Panel About Dr. Who” Sun 2:30PM, A601-602 (M).

“Billy Dee Williams” The coolest man in the universe, loved by millions as Lando Calrissian in the Star Wars universe! Sun 4PM, Imperial Ballroom (M).

Georges Jeanty will be on “Buffy Season 9/Angel and Faith” Sun 4PM, International D-E (W).

Malcolm McDowell will be on “Voice Acting from the Pros” Sun 5:30PM, Imperial Ballroom (M).

“SparkFun Workshop” SparkFun will be bringing Maker Kits and holding a hands-on DIY workshop. Anyone can attend, and there is no fee. Sun 7PM, Savannah 1-3 (S).

“Sex in Videogames” A return of last year’s eye-opening discussion of gender and sexuality in videogames. Presenter: David Gaider. Sun 8:30PM, Grand Salon D (Hil).


NEW Todd McCaffrey will be signing autographs on Mon 12PM, International South (M).

David Gaider will be on “Writing for Videogames” Mon 1PM, Grand Salon D (Hil).

Brian Green will be on “Game Jams: How to Make a Game in 48 Hours” Mon 2:30PM, 201 (Hil).

“Closing Ceremonies” The end to another fabulous Dragon Con! Chairman, Pat Henry, gives his closing remarks and shares photos from this year’s convention. Mon 4PM, Regency V (Hy).

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