Lost Girl: Walking in High Heels

Photo by Will Blackhill
Photo by Will Blackhill

The Lost Girl cast consistently ups their Dragon Con panel memorability game from year-to-year. This time, they emerged spectacularly from the back of the room and sprinted down the aisles in glorious fae-shion to the cheers of an eager crowd. Anna Silk, Kris Holden-Ried, Zoie Palmer, Ksenia Solo, Rachel Skarsten, and Paul Amos joined a packed house on Sunday at 2:30PM in the Westin Peachtree Ballroom.

Early on, one fanatic fan asked the cast what was one thing no one knew about them that they wanted everyone to know. Skarsten, who plays Tamsin, quickly jumped in by showing the audience how she can turn her tongue into a clover. Holden-Ried, who changes into Dyson, interrupted her demonstration by teasingly saying, “You do a lot with your tongue.” After the question stumped the panelists, Palmer, who portrays Dr. Lauren Lewis, joked “that’s a good question that nobody’s going to answer.” The cast went on to say they’d think about it and answer later, which led to several uproarious moments.

Another monu-fae-tal moment occurred when asked what superpower, that wasn’t fae related, you would have, and what would you be named. This immediately led to the question is that like your porn name. Then the cast voiced their porn names: Skarsten’s is Cocoa Appian, Holden-Ried’s is Hopper Canadine, Silk’s is Mungo Jerry Aberdeen, Solo’s is Valentino Graydon Hall, Palmer’s is Winston Treswithian, and Amos’s is Trixie Jones.

Photo by Will Blackhill
Photo by Will Blackhill

After the presentation of the porn names, the actors each explained their superpowers and names. Silk’s superhero ability would be to read minds, while wearing cute outfits, and her hero would be named after her junior high porn name Sugar St. John. Solo had the same superpower, but her name would be Super Solo. Holden-Ried’s well thought-out superhero would have the power to control metal at the atomic level and be able to turn himself into an immortal metal man with razor-sharp samurai swords. His superhero is epic enough to have his own sequel. Palmer’s is simple: to fly invisibly and be named Invisa Fly Thing. Perhaps the most impractical, Amos would wear high heels with rockets and blades and be appropriately named Captain Stiletto.

Another fantastic question that momentarily stumped the cast was what career would they have if they weren’t actors. Holden-Ried would be an astrophysicist, seriously, if he could just figure out 2+2. “It’s 3, right?” he said. Silk was more serious in her answer. She would love to work with animals because they can’t protect themselves. Or the elderly. Palmer feels passionately about public health, so she thinks that’s the field she’d be working in. Amos would be playing rugby or emceeing karaoke in full transvestite garb. Solo wants to be a drummer in a rock band, and that’s her secret fantasy that she wants everyone to know. [drops mic, creates loud crash] “I’ve always wanted to do that. Thank you,” Solo exclaimed.

With only one season left to air, the cast was asked about their future projects. Amos lends his voice to the upcoming Assassin’s Creed game. Solo can be seen on Orphan Black and TURN: Washington’s Spies. Skarsten is going to play Queen Elizabeth on Reign. Silk and Palmer have nothing to announce just yet.

Following up on Solo’s comment on music, a fabulous fan asked what kinds of music they listen to. Now she listens to a variety of music, but growing up Silk listened to two types of music: country and western. Solo has been listening to a lot of electronic music as of late. Skarsten listens to whatever Solo posts on her Twitter account. Holden-Reid is a big fan of polka, and, to a roaring crowd, Amos revealed what his secret obsession is: Spice Girls.

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