Registration Information

In addition to full 4-day memberships, 3-day, 2-day, and 1-day memberships will be available at the door. (Note that full memberships include access to Thursday events.) Registration is located in the Georgia Ballroom at the Sheraton.

Dragon Con 2019 (August 29–September 2) Memberships:

  • Full (all 4 days, available Thu and Fri only): $140
  • 3-day (Sat, Sun, Mon, available Sat only): $120
  • 2-day (Sun & Mon, available Sun only): $70
  • 1-day (Thurs only): $15
  • 1-day (Fri only): $40
  • 1-day (Sat only): $50
  • 1-day (Sun only): $45
  • 1-day (Mon only): $35
  • Streaming: $10 with Dragon Con Membership; $30 without
  • Prepurchase on site for 2020: $85

Registration hours are as follows:

Thu: 10AM–10PM
Fri: 8AM–10PM
Sat: 8AM–9PM
Sun: 8AM–9PM
Mon: 8AM–4PM

If you have other Dragon Con membership questions, check the Memberships page on the main Dragon Con website.