2017 Hallway Costume Contest Winners

HWMeepingHWDeathBest Hero: Luke Sumerlin

Best Children’s Movie: Dimitry Ekzarkhov

Best Child: Ellie Paige

Best Villain: Travis Darsam

Best Video Game: Vince Morrow

Best Novel: Christine Quarte, Deanna Dixion

Best Musical: Kayla Bunch, Celia Sigler

Best Mash-Up: Shannon Swearingen, Will Luther

Best Lord of the Rings: Rich Sabo

Best Humor: Shannon Caudle, James Caudle

Best Fantasy: Colin Cook

Best Doctor Who: Roland Rose

Best Disney Princess: Gabrielle Scandrett

Best Disney: Piper Whaley

Best Death: Hugh Fuller

HWDCvillainsBest DC: David Collier, Kelsey McCarter, Douglas Miller

Best Children’s TV: Danny Hui, Brett Miller, Joseph Dermody, Brad Johnston, Christopher Horan

Best Card Game: Sara Echeverri

Best Animation: John Campbell

Best Advertisement: William Williams

Third Place: Kemp Brown

Second Place: Allison Eibeler, Mina Shadrick, Aaron Rivin, Faith D’Isa, Matthew Bonner

Best in Show: Matthew Gilbert

Honorable Mentions: Catherine Williams, Darwin Harn Dailey, Wesley Harper, Francesca, Winry Hughes, Bella and Dekel, Carol-Ann Melvin, Elese Moffatt, Winry and Gaius, Annaleah Seufert, Jon Gilbert, Ouida Mae Brown, Suzanne Najbrt, Elizabeth Boland, Lane Boland, Edisto French, Greg French, Wendy Cavallone, James Ouzts, Tirza Leader, Zeva Leader, Janine Garner, Ronald Garner, Audrey Roller, Norah Roller, Paul Roller, Kay Roller, Isabelle and Paul Grala, Bob and Stella Cronin




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