Shae Connor

Shae Connor is a scientific editor with a Big Government Agency in Atlanta. Despite a fairly average upbringing, she jumped into fandom with both feet two and a half decades ago, thanks to The X-Files, and has spent much too much time writing fanfic and doling out heaping servings of Machete!Beta upon request. She’s also been known to hang around Star Wars, Star Trek, and all sorts of other strange worlds. In her copious spare time, she's a multipublished author of romance fiction. Check out her work at

2023 Hallway Costume Contest Winners

Best Overall: Debra Robey, Rosie the Robot, The Jetsons Best Overall 2nd: Patric Good, Liberace, Liberace Best Overall 3rd: Jen Richards, Commander Shepard, Mass Effect Best Disney: Kim Crowson, Madame Dreamfinder and Figment, Disney Parks Best Couple: Kristie Nelson, Jay, Bowser, and Bowsette, Super Mario Bros. Best Movie: Becky Tripp, Disguised E.T., E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Best Fantasy: Ratchel Elder, Arietta… Read more →

Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Spin-offs: Past and Future

On Saturday at 11:30AM, the BritTrack presented on YouTube a lively discussion of Doctor Who spin-offs, past and present, featuring Earth Station Who panelists, Mike Gordon, Mary Ogle, Christian Basel, and Melanie Dean. Mike Faber moderated the discussion. Faber was quick to note that in the Whoverse, spin-offs include not just TV shows but also movies, comics, the Doctor Who… Read more →

2022 Star Wars Costume Contest Winners

2022 Star Wars Costume Contest Winners

Jedi Knight Jedi & Sith, Christian Patillo, Young Mace Windu Troopers, Bounty Hunters, Pilots, Elliot Hardy, The Maori-lorian Face Characters, Virdara Moline, Dechess Satine Groups, William Murphy Amy Dowdy, The Mandalorian & The Armorer Infinities, Taylor Smith, Hobo Fett Jedi Master Soft Costume, Catlin Jacques, High Republic Jedi Hard Costume, Phillip Reed, Lorkan Jarik Exhibition, Lucky Rogers, AT-ST Overall Judges… Read more →

2022 Art Show Winners

Best in Horror: Joanna Barnum, “Mask of Red Death” Best Fantasy: Dustin Panzino, “The Star” Best in Science Fiction: Charles Urbach, “Star Steerer” Most Humorous: Timothy Von Rueden, “Harvest Festival” Best 3-D: Shottsy Arts, “Onyxia,” “Shana” Best Jewelry: Kelly Kotulak, “Hibernacula” Best Photography/Digital: Alex Dos Diaz, “Cosmos Flux” Best Charity Piece: Naomi VanDoren, “Green Dragon” Best in Anime: Sang Lam,… Read more →

Dragon Con Parade Takes Over Peachtree

Dragon Con Parade Takes Over Peachtree

Atlanta’s favorite fandom parade was back in full force this year for the 22nd year, open to the public once again! Led by Grand Marshal Nnedi Okorafor, Dragon Con’s Literary Guest of Honor, hundreds of marchers showed off their cosplay best. Along with traditions like the 501st Garrison Stormtroopers, the 300 Spartans, and Netherworld Haunted House, this year also featured… Read more →

2021 Art Show Winners

Best Horror: Jacob Walker, “Call of Cthulhu” Best Fantasy: Charles Urbach, “Not All Treasure Is Gold” Best Sci-Fi: Alan Panakal, “Morning Star” Most Humorous: Paul Bielaczyc, “Tale of 2 Wolves” Best 2D: Rachel Reickenberg, “From the Ashes” Best Jewelry: David Cain, “Araneae Choker” Best Photograph: Madolyn Locke, “Silverlight”—”Space Fighters” Best Charity Piece: Jill Turner, “Castle Tray” Artist Choice: Tran Nguyen,… Read more →

Tyler Hoechlin, star of Superman & Lois

Superheroes, Sports, and the Supernatural: Story Time with Tyler Hoechlin

Dragon Con gave a warm welcome to first-time attendee Tyler Hoechlin for his panel “It’s a Bird, It’s a Werewolf…It’s Tyler Hoechlin!” Friday morning at 11:30AM in Hyatt Regency VI–VII. Hoechlin may be new to the con, but he’s not new to Atlanta, having lived here a decade ago during filming of the first two seasons of his first long-term… Read more →