Let There Be Lips: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

This year marks the 18th year for Lips Down on Dixie to perform The Rocky Horror Picture Show (RHPS) at Dragon Con. Doors opened at 12:30AM on Sunday morning in the Hyatt Centennial II-III ballroom. The crowd was looking forward to doing the “Time Warp” and yelling at the screen while the cast performed a screen accurate-production of the movie. With props, costumes, and make-up, the cast did a fabulous job.

Meet the cast and crew of the 2019 Lips Down on Dixie Dragon Con RHPS performance:


Assistant Director–Sammie



  • Dr. Frank-N-Furter–Angel
  • Rocky Horror–Micah
  • Brad Majors–Chris
  • Janet Weiss–Caroline
  • Rif Raf–Vincent
  • Magenta–Alektra
  • Columbia–Jeannie
  • Eddie–Benji
  • Dr. Everett V. Scott–Zach
  • Criminologist–Greb
  • Dancers–Trixie


Stage Crew, Pit, Lighting

Lips Down on Dixie is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All cast and crew are non-paid volunteers. In addition, prior to performing at RHPS, all of the cast participated in “Project Cosplay.”

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