Not Throwing Away Our Shot (To Sing Hamilton)

Photo by Maggie Birge-Caracappa

Dragon Con fans of Hamilton packed the Grand West ballroom at the Hilton on Saturday night to get a chance to sing songs together from their favorite musical. “HamilTunes: An American Sing-Along” is an officially licensed event that happens in various locations all over the country. It is always a fan-run event, and this is its second year at Dragon Con.

Too excited to wait for the event to start, members started singing while waiting in line, proving that having the lyrics in front of us was hardly necessary. Doctor Q seemed amazed and startled as the room filled up and more people kept coming in. There was a set of microphones at the front of the room and volunteers chose people randomly to come up and sing as we progressed through the songs.

One of the most amazing moments came when someone from the audience took on the responsibility of the incredibly fast rap that is “Guns and Ships.” Doctor Q commented that if he could actually pull it off that he would be impressed.  Well, with the gauntlet thrown, the Lafayette stand-in certainly rose to the occasion. His rap was nearly flawless, and the entire audience celebrated his achievement with raucous cheers and applause.

Photo by Maggie Birge-Caracappa

A similar challenge was completed by the person who stood up to take on Burr’s iconic song from the show, “The Room Where It Happens.” Our Burr took the microphone with confidence and delivered the goods once again.

The singers (and singing) wasn’t the only reason to come to HamilTunes. The cosplay alone was worth the wait. There were many Hamiltons and a few Jeffersons, but the intricate, detailed King George III costumes nearly stole the show.

The move to the Grand West ballroom gave the event more space from last year, and if the attendance last night was any indication, it’s going to need even more room next year.

Photo by Maggie Birge-Caracappa

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