2020 Masquerade Winners

Youth under 6: Clara Smith, Rainbow Brite

Youth over 6: Keeley Jones, Roadhog from Overwatch

Best Mashup: Stephen Willis, SuperMandalorian

Best Videogame: Yugiri315, Alucard

Best Fantasy: Amber Bray, Jester Lavorre from Critical Role

Best Infomercial: Bryan & Becky Noyes, Toothless and Hiccup

Best Comic: Corey Infinger, The Spider (Spider-Man 1602)

Best Novice: Ali, Brett, Abby, Clare, Johnny, Paul, Bedazzled Family Super Smash

Best Journeyman: Celia S, Kathleen D, Torrey S, Grace J, Julia M, Marie S, Cynthia Z, Stacey W, Sasha K, Lantern Elves

Best Master: Devon Baker, Sun Wukong—Monkey King

Best in Show: Nathan Carter, Assaultron from Fallout

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