The 2020 Virtual Blood Drive

Blood drive participants, rejoice: yes, you can still donate in 2020, and yes, you can still get a t-shirt!

LifeSouth, Dragon Con’s blood drive partner, will be taking donations for Dragon Con at its locations in Georgia, Florida, and Alabama during the convention. Just look for the location closest to you and make an appointment. You’ll be able to pick up your t-shirt on site.

If you’re outside the LifeSouth area, though, you won’t be left out. For just a $20 donation to the LifeSouth Community Foundation, you can nab the 2020 Blood Drive t-shirt for your very own.

In addition, LifeSouth will still be running its annual social media contest. Share a photo of your donation and/or t-shirt on social media (Instagram, Twitter, or the Facebook event page) using the #dragoncondonor or #lifesouth hashtags. You can also post on the Dragon Con Virtual Blood Drive Discord channel. LifeSouth will choose daily winners of a $50 electronic gift card and a grand prize winner of two memberships to Dragon Con 2021.

Join in the Dragon Con tradition: open a vein, and help save a life!

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