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The Journey to Thra: Dragon Con Night at the Center for Puppetry Arts

Discover how The Jim Henson Company and Netflix recreated the world of Thra for the 2019 series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance at this exclusive after-hours reception. Cash bar. Tickets at Thursday 5PM, Center for Puppetry Arts (offsite).

Third Annual MSFM Onesie Party

So many fandoms… so little time! Meet and hang out with fans of all the different shows in the Military Scifi Media track. Break the ice in your favorite onesie, costume, or comfy-casual Con couture. Thursday 7PM, Chastain DE (Westin).

Video Game Karaoke

Well, it’s pretty much just an excuse to do karaoke… but if you want to dress up as a video game character, we’re totally cool with that! Thursday 7PM, Augusta E–H (Westin).

BritTrack Team Trivia

Form a team, study up, and battle at the best, most tea-driven team-trivia contest at the Con! Categories will include (but are not limited to) Doctor Who, Sherlock, food, British royalty, geography, James Bond, British music, and more. Thursday 7PM, Galleria 5 (Hilton).

’80s Prom

Dance the night away with XTrack to ’80s music spun by DJ Black Sunshine. Thursday 8PM, Grand Ballroom A–F (Sheraton).

Geek Sing-along!

All those songs that stick in your head, from cartoons to shows to movies! Lend your voice to the fun and enjoy some classics and new additions for this year. Lyrics are provided. Thursday 8:30PM, Grand West (Hilton).

Star Wars Game Night

Bring your favorite Star Wars game to share and play with new friends. We’ll have copies of the Han Solo card game on hand, but feel free to bring your favorites and find a group to play with. Thursday 8:30PM, A706 (Marriott).

Party at the TVA: Variants’ Ball

Come dressed as any character you want from any genre, but just come & let’s all have a good time! Featuring DJ The Black Amigo. Thursday 9PM, Imperial Ballroom (Marriott).

8-Bit Bash

The Video Gaming Track is back again this year with its Thursday night retro dance party. Enjoy classics from the ’80s and ’90s. Costumes optional but always welcome, and you won’t even have to put down a quarter for the next game. Featuring DJP. Thursday 10PM, Peachtree Ballroom (Westin).

Bunny Hutch

Unleash your inner playboy/girl in this geek-meets-chic Con kickoff party. Embrace your sexy side—come dressed as your version of a bunny or Hef. Be creative and mash it up with your fav fandom. Enter the contest, or just enjoy the party. Mature Audience event. Thursday 10PM, Grand Salon (Hilton).


Complimentary Zombie Makeovers

Have your inner zombie brought to life by a professional artist! A variety of makeover levels will be available, and our emcee will entertain you with music, trivia, and more as you wait to join the zombie horde. With Riley SFX, JackMonkey FX, Rob Fitz. Limited availability. Tipping is encouraged to cover artists’ materials. Friday 4PM, Chastain C (Westin).

Furry Meet & Greet

For the fursuiter or the furry curious—a meetup of Dragon Con proportions. Come hang out and make new friends with other fans of the anthropomorphic genres. Friday 7PM, 309-312 (Hilton).

Retro Disney Sing-along

Goof around and go bonkers as you raise your voice to the catchy, nostalgic tunes of classic Disney TV shows and early animated films. Friday 7PM, Galleria 1 (Hilton).

Video Game Costume Contest

A cavalcade of some of the most impressive costumes inspired by the most popular video games of yesterday and today. Friday 7PM, Peachtree Ballroom (Westin). Participants must attend pre-judging, Friday 4PM, Augusta A–B (Westin).

The Game Show Night

Benefiting Dragon Con’s charity of choice, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta! Come play Pyramid and Jeopardy. Suggested donation to play. Friday 8PM, Regency VI–VII (Hyatt).

An Evening at Bree

The annual celebration with dancing and frivolity. Plus the much-anticipated costuming contest and awards! Friday 8:30PM, Grant West (Hilton).

Are You a Deatheater?

A Harry Potter–themed Mafia-style game! Check out the instructions ahead of time at Friday 8:30PM, International South (Hyatt).

Coloring for Charity

Want to get out of the bustle for a little while? Come and wind down by coloring! For a coloring page, there is a suggested donation for Dragon Con’s charity of choice, the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta. Friday 8:30PM, Regency V (Hyatt).


Dragon Con’s Pin-ups by the Pool

Don your best poolside pin-up attire—there’s gonna be a pin-up competition! Register for the competition poolside 30 minutes before the party begins. Judges will be mixing and mingling in the fray, so don’t be a wallflower. Remember, the judges love a nerdy twist to your pin-up creation! Friday 8:30PM, Pool and Courtyard (Sheraton).

Friday Night Costuming Contest

Entrants will complete in Youth, Novice, Journeyman, and Master Class categories in this costume contest focused on workmanship. Cheer on your favorites, and vote in the Social Media category on Facebook! Friday 8:30PM, Atrium Ballroom (Marriott).

RWBY Sing-along

With over 8 volumes of RWBY music, it’s about time to bring these rocking tunes to Dragon Con! We have a full hour of song favorites for Hunters, Huntresses, Maidens, and more to enjoy. (Sorry, no Grimms allowed, unless you’re singing, too!) Friday 8:30PM, Galleria 1 (Hilton).

The Weakest Link

The 40th Anniversary of The Weakest Link is upon us, and in celebration we will bring back one of the first BritTrack game shows! Audience members will compete for fabulous (not really) prizes and bragging rights. Friday 8:30PM, Galleria 5 (Hilton).

Big Damn Game Show—LIVE!

The geekiest game show returns, LIVE! Friday 10PM, Crystal Ballroom (Hilton).

Can’t Stop the Signal Dance

Aim to misbehave at the shiny 4th Annual Can’t Stop the Signal Dance, celebrating Firefly and Serenity and benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta! Bring your dollars for charity and dance like no power in the ‘Verse can stop you as DJ Phasim spins our shindig. Mature Audiences. Friday 10PM, Peachtree Ballroom (Westin).

K-Pop Dance Party

Show off your best moves and vibe with your friends while DJ Rachel P plays through some of today’s most popular K-Pop tunes! Friday 10PM, Imperial Ballroom (Marriott).

Mass Effect—Shore Leave on the Citadel

Good news! Anderson has ordered us to take some shore leave on the Citadel! Wear your best formal spin on your favorite Mass Effect character to join the first-ever Citadel Shore Leave costume contest. Friday 10PM, Augusta A–B (Westin).

Puppet Karaoke

Bring a puppet, let loose, and join a fun event where pros, newbies, and everyone in between can put on a show together that you won’t soon forget. Mature Audiences. Friday 10PM, Centennial I (Hyatt).

Classic Sci-Fi Charity Lock-In: Howard the Duck

We lock you in with a crowd of semi-willing participants to celebrate Marvel’s infamous—and very first—theatrical movie. The only way to escape: donate to the Dragon Con charity! Friday 10PM, M103–M105 (Marriott).

Zombie Prom

The one night of Dragon Con when the decomposing horde reigns! Spend hours shimmying and shambling across the dance floor to the sounds of DJ Spider, lurch into a prom photo, or possibly even be crowned Zombie Prom King or Queen. Friday 10PM, Grand Salon (Hilton).


Dragon Con Night at the Aquarium

Explore the world’s most magical aquarium with dim lighting and Dragon Con Themes on this special night. Costumes welcome! Face masks required (mask creativity is celebrated and appreciated) when not consuming food or beverages. Legend of the Chosen contest will return in 2022. Purchase tickets in advance: Shuttle departs from back of Marriott Marquis on Courtland Street at 6PM. Saturday 7PM, Georgia Aquarium (offsite).

Classic Sci-Fi Charity Movie Lockdown: Mac & Me, & More

Will we watch Mac & Me, the movie that plunged off the cliff and into our hearts forever? The only way to escape is by donating to the Dragon Con charity. Sat 7PM, M103–M105 (Marriott).

Georgia Philharmonic Orchestra Presents:

A special musical experience! Hear live symphonic versions of some of your favorite scores from iconic film and TV shows. Saturday 7:30PM, Centennial I–III (Hyatt).


A chance for you to have fun and dress as your favorite Hero in formalwear. Go all out with gala wear or a simple black-tie look! An all ages event; if you want to bring or partake in any alcohol, you must be 21+. Saturday 8:30PM, August E–H (Westin).

The Cartoon Bebop Lounge

Let’s see your dance moves, space cowboy! Swing, strut, surf, or just sit and mingle to jazzy tunes from toons that span space, time, dimensions, and generations. Characters from all channels are invited to this intergalactic way-station lounge party. Saturday 8:30PM, Grand West (Hilton).

YA Team Trivia

Do you know your YA books? How about those YA books made into films—from Hunger Games to Harry Potter to Shadowhunters and beyond? Come with a team of up to six people and get ready to test your skills. Prizes for the top three teams! Saturday 8:30PM, A707 (Marriott).

MSFM Charity Crafts & Games Night

We’ll have card games, board games, and activity stations for a chill, relaxing evening of crafting and gaming fun for all ages! Kid Friendly. Saturday 8:30PM, Chastain DE (Westin).

Star Wars Trivia Contest Qualifying

Qualifying tests for Sunday’s trivia finals. Top scores will be posted Sunday so finalists can plan for the finals. Saturday 8:30PM, A706 (Marriott).

Heroes & Villians Ball

The Video Gaming Track invites you to Dragon Con’s biggest ball of all! After an extra year to build up tension, we don’t know what to expect. Enjoy the musical stylings of DJ Spider while you dance the night away under our mind-controlling dance lights of doom. You won’t even need your supersuit. Saturday 10PM, Peachtree Ballroom (Westin).

Last Party on Alderaan

Dragon Con’s premier house, EDM, pop, anything music dance party! You never know who might drop by, but you can bet the party will be jumping for hours. Join special guest DJ John Scalzi and let’s party like it’s the end of the world! Saturday 10PM, Grand Salon (Hilton).

MSFM Charity Team Trivia

When the kids are away the adults will play… trivia! Charity donations suggested for teams entering the contest as we raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta. Mature Audiences. Saturday 10PM, Chastain DE (Westin).

Spectrum Party—Bash of the Titans: a Toga Cosplay Event

It’s our annual rainbow flag party! We welcome all of Dragon Con’s LGBTQ and allied geeks to enjoy a party just for you. DJ Neon the Glowgo Bear spins the beats as our go-go grrlz ‘n’ boyz dance for you. Mature Audiences. Saturday 10PM, Regency VI–VII (Hyatt).

Ten Forward Party

DJ THX is your helmsman for a musical journey through time in a dance party that brings you the best from the classics to today and beyond. Saturday 10PM, Imperial Ballroom (Marriott).

Midnight Games & Charity Color

Let’s play Werewolf and color for charity! Feel free to bring any late-night party game, as we are going to play till we drop! Don’t worry, we remembered the crayons this year, along with some great pages to color. Saturday 11:30PM, Embassy CD (Hyatt).


Pretentious Anime Trivia

Are you the nerd who’s too good for all the popular panels about mainstream shows? Come show off your REAL power level and embrace the old, obscure, and underrated anime of the world. We can be insufferable hipsters together. Sunday 4PM, Galleria 4 (Hilton).

Miss Star Trek Universe Pageant

Orions, Klingons, and Borg, oh my! Hosted by Star Trek: Voyager‘s Garrett Wang and judged by a panel of celebrities. Sunday 5:30PM, Grand Ballroom A–F (Sheraton).

Star Wars Trivia Contest Finals

Superfan has created yet another challenging trivia final. Based on current canon, come watch as the qualifying test’s top scorers try to survive the toughest questions. Qualifying tests: Saturday 8:30PM. Top scores will be posted Sunday so our finalists can plan for the finals. Sunday 5:30PM, A706 (Marriott).

Dragon Con Masquerade

Presenting the most spectacular masquerade contest in the known universe! Sunday 8:30PM, Centennial I–III (Hyatt).

Yule Ball

Our annual Harry Potter–themed party! Come dance the night away while DJP spins your top pop hits from the ’80s, ’90s, and now! Join us for a YA Lit costume showcase at 9:30PM. Mature audiences after 10PM. Sunday 8:30PM, Imperial Ballroom (Marriott).

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist: Let Us Hear Your Heart Song

Zoey and the extended crew from SPRQPoint got us through pandemic, but fell victim to the ratings axe. We’ll look over the two wonderful years of this show and just to make this all the better, we’ll spend the second hour singing some of our favorite Zoey songs! Feel free to sing and dance with us! Sunday 8:30PM, M302–303 (Marriott).

Dungeons & Dragons—LIVE!

John Hartness is the DM for a game of Dungeons & Dragons where the players are other writers—and where, for a donation to charity, you can influence the game! Sunday 8:30PM, Regency VI–VII (Hyatt).

Crawl Out through the Fallout

Gussy up in your raddest garb worthy of the White Glove Society for a chance to place in the first-ever Crawl Out through the Fallout costume contest. See you there, Daddy-O! Sunday 10PM, Augusta A–B (Westin).

Doctor Who Ball 2021

The best party this side of Raxacoricofallapatorius celebrates its 8th YEAR! We’ll rock on like an Axon late into the night. Dance to our returning DJ Black Sunshine’s tunes and stay for our Pageant of Rassilon winner announcements at midnight! Allons-y! Sunday 10PM, Grand Salon (Hilton).

The Neverwas Jukebox Jamboree

The Neverwas Jukebox is an inter-dimensional music player that plays your favorite hits from other timelines. So lace up your dance shoes and get ready to party to your favorite tunes rearranged with a neo-vintage flair. Sunday 10PM, Grand Ballroom A–F (Sheraton).

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