2021 Programming Changes




“WandaVision & the Psychology of Grief” Sat 5PM, 209–211 (Hil).

“Cartoon Bebop Lounge” Sat 8:30PM (3 hours), Grand West (Hil).

Photo Session: American Gods Duo. Sun 3PM (was Mon 3PM), International Hall South (M).

Guest Changes

The following previously confirmed presenters will not be able to attend Dragon Con 2021:

Roger Alan Altizer
Dino Andrade
Evan Bernstein
Bill Bridges
Rob Fitz
Bill Golliher
Kevin Grazier
George Hrab
Magnus Rose
Mary McDonnell
Bob Novella
Zu Orzu
Billie Piper
Rachel Rawlings
Caleb Roehrig
Tequoia Urbina

Complete list at the bottom of this page.



Photo Session: Tahmoh Penikett. Fri 12:50PM, Sat 3:30PM, International Hall South (M).

Photo Session: BSG Full Cast (Jamie Bamber, James Callis, Tricia Helfer, Edward James Olmos, Tahmoh Penikett, Rekha Sharma, Michael Trucco). Fri 12:40PM, International Hall South (M).

“The Other Side of the Table: The Life of a Comics Artist” From moving on to a new comic project to attending conventions and meeting fans, the life of a comics artist is definitely unique. Join Nayr of the StarPodLog & StarPodTrek podcasts as he finds out about what is like making comics for a living. Featuring Joe Corroney, Andy Price, James Pascoe, Stephen Green, and Bill Golliher. Fri 1PM, 204J (Mart2).

Photo Session: Mark Pellegrino. Fri 1:30PM, Sat 1:30PM, International Hall South (M).

Steve Saffel will be on “Official Fan Fiction” Fri 2:30PM, A707 (M).

Concourse Stages: Raspberry Pie. Friday 2:30PM, Overlook (W).

S.M. Stirling will be on “Space Opera” Fri 2:30PM, Embassy AB (Hy); “Let the Controversy Begin...” Fri 8:30PM, Embassy EF (Hy); “Fascinating Ways to Kill off a Character” Fri 10PM, Embassy EF (Hy); “Fightin' and Writin'” Sat 8:30PM, Embassy EF (Hy); “NYT Bestsellers Tell All” Sun 11:30AM, Regency VI-VII (Hy).

Concourse Stages: Beth Patterson. Fri 4PM, Sat 7PM, Concourse (Hy); Sun 5:30PM, Outlook (W).

Pamela Cole will be on “FNCC Pre-Judging” Fri 5:30PM, A601–A602 (M).

Marisa Wolf will be on “YA & Chill” Fri 7PM, A707 (M); “Favorite YA Tropes & how to use them” Sun 1PM, A707 (M); “What We're Reading!” Mon 11:30AM, A707 (M).

Courtney Lytle will be on “Legal Challenges (and strategies) for Artists” Sat 1PM, Grand Hall C (Hy).

“Lower Decks Fan Discussion” Set your shuttle to RAMMING SPEED and slam into this fan panel discussing everything Lower Decks! Sat 1PM, Galleria 2-3 (Hil).

Nadia Hilker will be on “The Walking Dead: Q&A” Sat 1PM, Peachtree Ballroom (W).

Concourse Stages: Tom Smith. Sat 1PM, Concourse (Hy).

Jody Lynn Nye will be on “Writers of the Future” Sat 1PM, International North (Hy).

Leanna Renee Hieber and Valerie Willis will be on “Thrills & Chills in YA” Sat 7PM, A707 (M).

"1 on 1 with Dino Andrede" The Man of Many Voices talks about life in Hollywood, raising a son in the family (show) business, & why Star Trek is the proper way to raise a child into geekdom. Sun 11:30AM, Chastain I–J (W).

LH Nicole will be on “Favorite YA Tropes & how to use them” Sun 1PM, A707 (M).

Photo Session: Ty Olsson. Sun 4:40PM, International Hall South (M).

Valentine Wolfe. Mon 1:30AM, Atrium Ballroom (M).

Clay Gilbert will be on “Tolkien & King: The Influence of High Fantasy on The Stand” Mon 10AM, L401–403 (M).

Aaron Michael Ritchey will be on “Short Shocks to the System” Mon 11:30AM, Peachtree 1–2 (W).

Timothy Zahn will be on “Thrawn & The Chiss” Mon 1PM, A706 (M).



Ross Marquand will not be on “Twisted Toonz!” Thu 7:30PM, Atrium Ballroom (M).

Mary McDonnell will not be on “Battlestar Galactica—Operation Resurrection” Fri 10AM, Centennial II–III (Hy); Photo Session: BSG Full Cast, Fri 12:40PM, International Hall South (M); “Battlestar Galactica Reunion” Sat 1PM, Centennial II–III (Hy); Photo Session: TeamUp—Battlestar Galactica Cast, Sun 5:40PM, International Hall South (M); “Battlestar Galactica—Operation New Earth” Mon 1OAM, Centennial II–III (M).

“Solar Astronomy—LIVE!!” Fri 10AM, 3rd Fl Deck (Hil).

“House of the Dragon” Fri 10AM, L401–L403 (M).

“CCOPS in Atlanta: Tapping the Brakes on Surveillance Tech” Fri 10AM, 313–314 (Hil).

“IDW Comics” Fri 1PM, 204J (Mart2).

“Red Dead Redemption Fan Meetup” Fri 1PM, Augusta E–H (W).

“Away-Team Scavenger Hunt” Fri 1PM, Pool and Courtyard (Sheraton). 

“Women of Sci-Fi” Fri 4PM, Atrium Ballroom (M).

Rob Fitz will not be on “Complimentary Zombie Makeovers” Fri 4PM, Chastain C (W).

“Board Game Media Tie-ins” Fri 5:30PM, August 3 (W).

Chris Donio will not be on “FNCC Pre-Judging” Fri 5:30PM, A601–A602 (M).

“YA on Social Media” Sat 11:30 AM, A707 (M).

“Creating a Whimsical Winery with Polymer Clay—Make 'n' Take” Sat 1PM, Grand Hall C (Hy).

“Geek Ice Breaker” Sat 1PM, Augusta A–B (Westin).

“The People v. Star Trek: Voyager—Podcast” Sat 1PM, Galleria 2–3 (Hil).

Jody Lynn Nye will not be on “Myth & Magic Might Mean Mayhem” Sat 1PM, Embassy EF (Hy).

Fred Tatasciore will not be on “Masterpiece Theater” Sat 2:30PM, Augusta E–H (Westin); “The $5.48 Pyramid—Video Game Edition” Sun 7PM, Augusta E–H (W).

“Bringing Out the Dead: Zombie Makeup & You” Sat 4PM, Chastain I–J (W).

Rachel Skarsten will not be on “Batwoman Guests—Touring Gotham” Sat 5:30PM, Atrium Ballroom (M).

“Kids Talk: Dog Man” Sun 10AM, Techwood (Hy).

“Her-Storically Speaking: Women of Color Who Have Shaped History” Sun 1PM, Macon (S).

“Billie Piper Talks Penny Dreadful” Sun 2:30PM, Peachtree Ballroom (W).

“California, AT&T, and Net Neutrality” Sun 7PM, 313–314 (Hil).

“Old Dark House Movies—A Look at the Sub-Genre that Dominated Early Horror” Sun 7PM, Piedmont (Hy).

The Shake Ups. Mon 1:30AM, Atrium Ballroom (M).

JM Paquette will not be on “Tolkien & King: The Influence of High Fantasy on The Stand” Mon 10AM, L401–403 (M).

“An Hour with Billie Piper” Mon 10AM, Atrium Ballroom (M)

Rekha Sharma will not be on “Battlestar Galactica–Operation New Earth” Mon 10AM, Centennial II–III (Hy).

Rachel Skarsten will not be on “Batwoman Cast: A Last Look at the Batcave” Mon 11:30AM, Centennial II–III (Hy).

“Make 'n' Take Workshop with Valerie McGreevy” Mon 1PM, Grand Hall D (Hy).



“Official Fan Fiction” Imagine being paid to contribute to the canon of your favorite world! Some authors have made this dream a reality by writing official tie-in novels, and others still write about their favorite characters unofficially through fanfiction. Let's talk about both! Fri 2:30PM, A707 (M).

“Seriously, Do Better” Fri 1PM (was Fri 10AM), Augusta E–H (Westin).

“Ten Years of BABYMETAL” After a decade of wildly innovative music & performance fusing heavy metal with their own kawaii take on Japanese culture, BABYMETAL are poised to enter a new era. We’ll talk about what the band are & where they might go next. Fri 2:30 PM, Galleria 8 (Hil).

“Ghost Sex: From Succubi to ‘Demon Sperm’ Doctors” Fri 10PM, 204–207 (Hil).

“The Friday Night DragonFlow Rave!” Sat 2:30AM (was DJP, 3AM), Atrium Ballroom (M).

 “(Virtual) Animation: The Art Life Gospel” (was “(Virtual) Art & Animation Industry Tools”) Sat 9AM, Fan Track Channel (Streaming).

“DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) Update” Sat 2:30PM (was Sat 4PM), 212-214 (Hil).

“Future Missions—What's Waiting to Launch, Being Built & Awaiting Approval?” Sat 4PM (was Sat 2:30PM), 212-214 (Hil).

 “Designing Video Games” Sat 4PM, Augusta E-H (W) (was Sat 5:30PM, Augusta A–B).

“Get Puppet-ized!” Sat 8:30PM (was Fri 8:30PM), A703 (M).

“Geek Girls Run Post-Race Social” Sun 9:30AM (was Sat 8:30 AM), Techwood (Hy).

Photo Session: Felicia Day. Sun 2:40PM (was 1:20PM), International Hall South (M).

Photo Session: Dominique McElligott. Mon 11AM (was Mon 11:20AM), International Hall South (M).