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Arcade Gaming with Joystick

Fans of classic pinball and arcade games, rejoice! Joystick Gamebar’s Island of Misfit Toys will be open at 161 Peachtree Center Avenue all weekend, offering 40 retro arcade cabinets and pinball tables, all on free play for Dragon Con attendees. Featuring Joystick’s bar, The People’s Karaoke, and late-night food. 10AM–3AM daily, 10AM–5PM on Monday.


Fourth Annual MSFM Onesie Party

So many fandoms… so little time! Meet and hang out with fans of all the different shows in the Military Scifi Media track. Break the ice in your favorite onesie, costume, or comfy-casual Con couture. Thursday 7PM, Chastain DE (Westin).

Homecoming Celebration

Join Sherrilyn Kenyon and other bestselling authors for a welcoming party with prizes for attendees, skits, and all manner of mayhem you won’t want to miss! Come dressed as your favorite characters and the best Simi will take home a special award and book signed by Sherrilyn. Thursday 7PM, Westin Savannah Ballroom B&C.

Video Game Karaoke

Sing and dance your bits off to your favorite songs (both Video Game and Other). Thursday 7PM, Augusta E–H (Westin).

80s Prom Dance Party: Rock Me Amadeus!

Pull that ’80s prom dress and Chuck Ts out of the closet and dance the night away to all the ’80s hits. We’ll even be taking prom photos! Chaperoned by X-Track. Thursday 8PM, Grand Ballroom A–F (Sheraton).

Geek Singalong!

With new songs and old favorites! These are those songs that stick in your head, from cartoons to shows to movies. There’s singing, dancing and a conga line or two to keep things going. Lyrics are provided. Thursday 8:30PM, Grand West (Hilton).

Geeky Sea Shanties

Sea shanties took over TikTok during the lockdown, and we’re not ones to leave a good musical trend alone! Join some of our performers in an open filk format and listen or share yours. Thursday 8:30PM, Hanover C–E (Hyatt).

Star Wars Game Night

Bring your favorite Star Wars game to share and play with new friends. We’ll have copies of the Han Solo card game on hand, but feel free to bring your favorites and find a group to play with. Thursday 8:30PM, A706 (Marriott).

Dragon Con and the Multiverse of Con-ness

Have No Way Home? Experiencing a Crisis on Infinite Earths? Then come join Dragon Con to mingle with your multiverse counterparts and dance to the sounds of an Extended Universe! Thursday 9PM, Imperial Ballroom (Marriott).

BritTrack Team Trivia

Put away your phones and stay off of Google, because it’s time for BritTrack Team Trivia! Our devilishly hard questions will challenge your cortex and perplex your prefrontal lobes. Thursday 10PM, Galleria 5 (Hilton).

8-Bit Bash

Dance into the night to the best songs from the 8-Bit era of Video Gaming (That’s ’70s and ’80s for those of you who aren’t old enough to remember 8-Bit gaming.) Mature Audiences. Thursday 10PM, Peachtree Ballroom (Westin).

Bunny Hutch Party and Costume Contest

Unleash your inner playboy/girl in this geek-meets-chic Con kickoff party. Embrace your sexy side—come dressed as your version of a bunny or Hef. Be creative and mash it up with your fav fandom. Enter the contest, or just enjoy the party. Mature Audiences. Thursday 10PM, Grand Salon (Hilton).


Match Game in the 25th Century

Once again for the 10th consecutive year, Gil Gerard is presenting his unique and original “Match Game In The 25th Century”! Friday 7:30PM, International North (Hyatt).

Fantasy Gather: Welcome Home

The best Gathering around of authors and fans! Who knows what surprises and treasures are to be found. We have more authors than the app will allow us to list, so you will be sure to find some great books to take home with your amazing Con stories. Friday 8PM, Hanover C–E (Hyatt).

Are You a Deatheater?

A Harry Potter themed Mafia-style game! Check out the instructions ahead of time at Friday 8:30PM, International South (Hyatt).

Dragon Con’s Pin-ups by the Pool

Don your best poolside pin-up attire… there’s gonna be a pin-up competition! Register for the competition poolside 30 minutes before the party begins. Judges will be mixing and mingling in the fray, so don’t be a wallflower. Remember the judges love a nerdy twist to your pin-up creation! Friday 8:30PM, Pool and Courtyard (Sheraton).

Evening in Bree

The annual celebration with dancing and frivolity. Plus much-anticipated costuming contests and awards! Friday 8:30PM, Grand West (Hilton).

Friday Night at Freddy’s

The party was for YOU! Bring your best spring suit to Freddy Fazbear’s DragonCon Simulator for fantasy and fun! Friday 8:30PM, Augusta A–B (Westin).

After-Hours Art Paint Party

It’s a paint party for 40 lucky participants! Seasoned artists will facilitate a live group-painting session with the participants. This is an age 18+ event for the first 40 people to register on the Eventbrite link starting Thursday at 10PM (info). Mature Audiences. Friday 10PM, Inman (Hyatt).

Big Damn Game Show!

This glitzy, goofy game show—with surprise guests!—gets weird in a hurry. Play geeky games, win geeky prizes. Friday 10PM, Crystal Ballroom (Hilton).

Can’t Stop the Signal Dance

Aim to misbehave at the shiny 5th Annual Can’t Stop the Signal Dance, celebrating Firefly and Serenity and benefiting Open Hand Atlanta. Bring your dollars for charity and dance like no power in the ‘Verse can stop you! Mature Audiences. Friday 10PM, Peachtree Ballroom (Westin).

K-Pop Dance Party

Show off your best moves and vibe with your friends to some of today’s most popular K-Pop tunes! Space is limited. Friday 10PM, Imperial Ballroom (Marriott).

Klingon Karaoke (Honor)

You won’t need to speak Klingon (or Klingonese) to board our vessel for this musical journey. Sing with honor, and don’t behave like a filthy targ! Friday 10PM, Galleria 2–3 (Hilton).

Merry Chris/Mess! Competition

We’ve noticed a large amount of Chrises all around pop culture. Now granted it is a relatively common name, but we’ve decided that we need to have a Chris Fight! We’ve pooled a large number of Chrises from genre media properties, and we’re going to have a tournament determined by stalwart Chris aliies and popular vote. Let’s see who ends up as the Final Chris! Mature Audiences. Friday 10PM, M301 (Marriott).

The Open Casket Party

The Horror Track is proud to present a Goth Dance Party at Dragon Con! Featuring Goth, post-punk, deathrock, and darkwave dance music. The Casket’s open, come on in! CAUTION: flashing lights. Mature Audiences. Friday 10PM, Regency VI–VII (Hyatt).

Zombie Prom: Your Brain Will Go On

The one night of Dragon Con when the decomposing horde reigns. Spend hours shimmying and shambling across the dance floor, lurch into a prom photo or two, or possibly even be crowned Zombie Prom King or Queen at midnight! Friday 10PM, Grand Salon (Hilton).


Hollyweird Squares

How good are your geek trivia skills? Pair up with our star-studded cast for Tic-Tac-Toe with ‘Tude. Saturday 7PM, Augusta E–H (Westin).

The Cults of Dragon Con

Whether it’s Marriott carpet attire, dancing T-Rexs, googlie eyes galore, collections of badge ribbons, an homage to Fed Ex, flaming speakers, legionnaires, potatoes, et al., we pay tribute and adulation to the many Dragon Con cults we’ve seen in this one wacky evening of clever costuming. Costume contest registration: 5:30–6:30PM, Valdosta (Sheraton). Saturday 7PM, Grand Ballroom A–F (Sheraton).

Georgia Philharmonic Orchestra Presents:

A special musical experience! Hear live symphonic versions of some of your favorite scores from iconic film & TV shows. Saturday 7PM, Centennial I–IV (Hyatt).

Cartoon Bebop Dance

Back by popular demand with a music mix to have you feeling the space vibes! Dance, mingle, or relax to the jazzy tunes of DJ Scooby Snaxx, playing music that spans space, time, dimensions, and generations. Characters from all channels are invited to this intergalactic way station lounge party. Saturday 8:30PM, Grand West (Hilton).

Citadel Shore Leave

Anderson ordered shore leave for everyone on the Normandy! Join host Jack Rozsa for this intimate cocktail social. Saturday 8:30PM, Augusta A–B (Westin).

The Expanse: Mung Belék Social Club at Tycho Station

Welcome to the Mung Belék Social Club, a roving bar currently docked at Tycho station. Or for you Inners, it’s the Black Moon. Come on in and enjoy something strong, watch the stars and Tycho station, and maybe get to know some other locals, and make some contacts for your next run. The OPA will be around, and there were some rumors that the Free Navy has some people there. This is a great time to practice to see if you “fit in.” Just be careful that you don’t touch any protomolecule! Mature Audiences. Saturday 8:30PM, A601–602 (Marriott).

Themed Group Sing! Lord of the Rings

YOU got to help us choose on social media what the theme would be for this year’s Themed Tribute Show. We’re happy to present Lord of the Rings as our Group Sing for this year! Join an all-star group of our performers for an hour of fun-filled songs and sing-alongs. Saturday 8:30PM, Hanover C–E (Hyatt).

Adult Origami

If you always wanted to know how to make someone blush or giggle with a folded piece of paper, here’s your chance! The art of origami is not all birds & turtles, after all. Materials will be provided for the projects presented. This workshop is free to Dragon Con attendees 18+ years old. This event will rotate seating to accommodate as many attendees as possible, as space is extremely limited. Mature Audiences. Saturday 10PM, 309–312 (Hilton).

Karaoke—Digital Media Style

Whether you love singing karaoke or can?t carry a tune in a bucket, you?re sure to have fun at this party. Everyone gets involved. This modern experience does away with three-ring binders and slips of paper and puts the power of karaoke on your phone. Mature Audiences. Saturday 10PM, Galleria 6 (Hilton).

Spectrum, the Rainbow Flag Party presents: Candyland

This party welcomes all of Dragon Con’s LGBTQ attendees to enjoy a party just for you. DJ Neon the Glowgo Bear spins the beats and our go-go grrlz n boyz dance for you in Candyland, a themed festivity based on the popular board game. 18+ to party, 21+ to drink. Must have a valid photo ID to enter. Mature Audience. Saturday 10PM, Regency VI–VII (Hyatt).

Ten Forward Party

DJ THX is your helmsman for a musical journey through time in a dance party that brings you the best from the classics to today and beyond. Saturday 10PM, Imperial Ballroom (Marriott).

The Heroes and Villains Ball

The Video Gaming Track invites you to Dragon Con’s biggest ball of all. The Heroes & Villains are back again in the Westin. Enjoy the musical stylings of DJ Spider while you dance the night away under our mind controlling dance lights of doom. You won’t even need your super suit. Mature Audiences. Saturday 10PM, Peachtree Ballroom (Westin).

The Last Party on Alderaan

Dragon Con’s premiere house, EDM, pop, anything music dance party. You never know who might drop by, but you can bet the party will be jumping for hours. Let’s party like it’s the end of the world! Saturday 10PM, Grand Salon (Hilton).

Dragon Con Burlesque: A Glamour Geek Revue

The finest performer artists this country can offer & the most glamorous geeks imaginable! Mature Audiences. Sunday 12AM, Grand Ballroom A–F (Sheraton).

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Give yourself over to the absolute pleasure with Lips Down on Dixie, Atlanta’s premier shadowcast of RHPS, as we take in the #1 midnight movie of all time! This time-warping treat’s just a jump to the left! Sunday 12:30AM, Centennial II–IV (Hyatt).


Blackwater Squares

How much do you REALLY know about Red Dead Redemption? Come test your knowledge in this Red Dead-themed version of Hollywood Squares, a live action game show version of tic-tac-toe! Will you be able to tell which answers are correct? Sunday 8:30PM, August E–H (Westin).

Dragon Con Masquerade

Presenting the most spectacular masquerade contest in the known universe! Sunday 8:30PM, Centennial II–IV (Hyatt).

Yule Ball

Our annual Harry Potter–themed party! Come dance the night away while DJP spins your top pop hits from the 80s, 90s, and now! Join us for a YA Lit costume showcase at 9:30PM. Adults only after 10PM. Sunday 8:30PM, Imperial Ballroom (Marriott).

Dungeons and Dragons Live!

John Hartness DMs a group of ever entertaining writers in a Dungeons and Dragons adventure. Sunday 9PM, International North (Hyatt).

Doctor Who Ball

It’s time to rock on like a Zygon at the Infamous Doctor Who Ball! DJ Black Sunshine returns to spin his Sonic Groovedrivers into the wee hours! It’s the best party this side of the Medusa Cascade! Costumes are optional, but clothes are not. Costume contest winners announced at 11:30PM! Sunday 10PM, Grand Salon (Hilton).

Game Night Mixer

A night of board games, video games, yard games, & more! Sunday 10PM, Inman (Hyatt).

Heroes, Villians and Humanity Charity Game Show!

We’re back! Our own unique Heroes versus Villains, in our own team version of Cards against Humanity. Dress up if you want, be a Hero, or a Villain and have the ultimate face off, for at least this hand. Bragging rights for the ultimate win. We’ll be a little more circumspect in our bribery this year, but remember charity is a great way to sway the judges! Adult language and topics will happen and you’ll probably laugh a lot. Mature Audiences. Sunday 10PM, M302–303 (Marriott).

Klingon Karaoke (Glory)

You won’t need to speak Klingon (or Klingonese) to board our vessel for this musical journey. Sing like the warrior you are, and fill both your throats for the glory of Kahless! Sunday 10PM, Galleria 2–3 (Hilton).

Son Of 2022

Son Of… Whatever Number This Is: Come one, come all for weird media, sing-a-longs, prizes, candy, and more. Our host has collected various videos for your enjoyment or maybe bafflement. We can’t really remember, so come and find out for yourself and join in the late-night insanity. Sunday 10PM, A601–A602 (Marriott).

The Temporal Ball: Art Decadence

This is the year of Art Decadence! Wear your finest attire and waltz, foxtrot, and tango to both classic ballroom numbers and the geekiest of dance-able themes from all eras. Formal attire is strongly encouraged. Come as your favorite character in their most formal ensemble or dress to impress. Sunday 10PM, Grand Ballroom A–F (Sheraton).

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