Battle of the Starships

Photo by Debbie Yutko

Have you ever wondered which starship from print or film would defeat the rest? Sixteen famous ships, all but two suggested by the audience, battled it out on Thursday evening during the “Starship Smackdown” panel at 7PM in the Hyatt Embassy AB. The vessels ranged from the car/spaceship from Rick and Morty to the Borg Cube from Star Trek.

To make the contest fair, each ship had to be manned by an average crew—no Han Solos or force users allowed. And no TARDIS. When the timey-wimey ship was suggested, moderator Alan J. Porter struck it down because it could have already gone back in time and won. The audience could point out a ship’s abilities during each round, but the panel of three judges—Carl Hartman, Andy Roper, and Van Allen Plexico—chose the winners from the field of 16.

Strategy suggestions from the audience included Hal from Discovery gaslighting Captain Kirk, the psychic on the White Star knowing everything the Voyager was about to do, and the 1978 Battlestar Galactica being limited by budget problems. The moderator also decided to limit the Heart of Gold to one use of the improbability drive. Unfortunately, Rick was not allowed to be the pilot of his ship, since he could just open a portal into the middle of the Borg Cube during their battle.

Photo by Debbie Yutko

Surprisingly, the small but highly maneuverable Rocinante, with its long-range railguns, made it to the final battle, defeating Gunstar, Battlestar Galactica ’78, and the Orville along the way. Pitted against White Star for the final battle, the latter’s ability to use jump gates, more advanced tech, and a telepath won the day, but everyone agreed that the Roci put up a great fight.

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