For the Love of Stabby Things and a Sword Named Tim

Photo by Alicia Pack

Here at Dragon Con (especially the Daily Dragon), we have a longstanding love for all things sharp and stabby. So much so that the High Fantasy track hosted a panel dedicated to our favorite stabbity object, the sword, Friday at 11:30AM in the Marriott L401–403 with authors Brian D. Anderson, Mac Edelheit, Cat Rambo, and Constance G.J. Wagner.

According to Anderson, the sword is the pinnacle of weapons, meant to protect yourself, your family, and your land. Not to mention, stabbing your neighbors and stealing their land and family. The sword is often seen as an extension of the hero (not phallically—well, probably phallically), almost taking on a reflection of the wielder’s personality. Being the big bad boy of the group, the sword has grown to mythical proportions over the centuries. Thrusting a weapon that could shatter other swords, one that was passed down through generations, was magical to those warriors.

Since men love to name their swords, the legends behind them take on a life of their own. Think about how you feel when you’re near a centuries old weapon. Who owned it? What stories could the cold steel tell? Swords have the power to invoke raw emotions to anyone who looks upon them.

The truth is that to really handle and fight with a sword, it takes a lot of dedication, training, and stamina. Swords are heavy and tiring (and the Daily Dragon can confirm this). In the end, the most realistic sword fights are the ones where the fighters are utterly exhausted and breathless.

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