Sing Your Fandom

Sometimes you love a fandom so much, you just want to sing about it. Marc Gunn (M) and Mikey Mason headed up the fun panel “Songwriting Your Fandom: How to write songs inspired by pop culture,” Saturday morning in Hyatt Hanover FG as part of the Filk Track.

Key ingredient: watch the shows. Sometimes, re-watching a show will spark that little something that makes you want to put an idea to paper. Once there, ask yourself: what kind of tune fits? Should it be dark or humorous? Long or short? You may just want to pick up your guitar (or instrument of choice) and play around with it. It’s fun knowing you have a unique way of sharing your passions.

Mikey Mason entertained us with a ballad or two for the participants to show what his songs sound like. He writes about one a month, a goal he set for himself last year. On his podcast, MIKEYtalks, he shares a weekly music item, whether it’s a new ballad or a video from one of his performances.

The workshop was unique and fun, leaving you wanting to create a piece of your own when you left.

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