Singing with the Elf Choir

On Friday at 7PM, people of all ages and musical abilities gathered in the Hilton Crystal Ballroom for this panel, a mash-up of High Fantasy and reality. Kathleen Dallin, the lead of this panel, had the attendees separated by voice (Soprano, Alto, and Baritones) at the beginning. Two pieces of music were handed out. Although music training was not necessary for this panel, it did help. Within an hour, the choir learned two songs: one from Lord of the Rings and the other The Dark Crystal. With the help of Celia, Heather, Lisa, Eric, Jamie, and Stephanie, they helped in all areas to help make all of this come together.

Within an hour, the choir was ready to perform. The choir performed that night at An Evening at Bree, an annual celebration with dancing and frivolity.

Did I mention there was no accompaniment? The choir did both pieces acapella.

The time arrived. The choir gathered at the front of the room. The notes to start were played. With determination and pride, the choir sang both pieces. It was a hit with the audience. There was thunderous applause. The choir took their bows, then their seats. Every member was beaming.

Performing in a choir like this was so much fun. It gave people the opportunity to come together and make music. For some, this was the first time in years they have had the chance to perform again. For others, this was their very first time singing in a group. It didn’t matter. The entire group helped each other out for a fantastic performance.

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