Stranger Things Fans Dissect Season 4

Fans of Stranger Things packed the Sheraton Athens room on Sunday at 1PM to talk about all things Season 4. There was a blanket spoilers warning for the panel, as there is for this article. Surprisingly, there were a few in the audience who had not completed the series, yet. Moderator Leigh Bennett-Conner kicked off the panel with C. Damian Allen, Amy Chandler (who was dressed as Season 4 Dustin), Jenny Byrd-Peterson (X Track Director), and Savannah Jo Goins by asking which character had the best evolution either during the season or through the whole series. A couple of the panelists refused to choose, but the answers ranged from Steve Harrington to Eddie Munson to Karen Wheeler.

The rest of the time was opened up to the audience to comment on their favorite moments from the season or ask questions. There was more than a fair share of mourning for Eddie Munson and expressions of ways that we hoped he might come back. There was also some speculation about what might be coming in Season 5. There are rumors of a five- or 10-year time jump next and what that might mean for the kids. One of my favorite discussions was about the different approaches the two single mothers have in the show, Joyce Byers and Claudia Henderson (aka Dustin’s Mom). It led Chandler to quip that Steve Harrington is her favorite single mom in all of Stranger Things. It was also generally agreed upon that the writing and cinematography is so good and consistent in the show, and that is one of the many reasons we love it.

Toward the end of the panel, one of the members talked about rumors of a spin-off series and possibly a Stranger Things stage play. The panel was split on whether they wanted some kind of live-action play that ties into the series. Chandler in particular was here for it with the caveat that it go full camp and be more like Rogers: The Musical from the Disney+ Hawkeye series. As for a spin-off series, Allen was adamant in his hope that the Duffer Brothers/Netflix not do that and let the show end naturally instead of running it into the ground.

Whatever happens next in Hawkins, Indiana and in the Upside Down, we know that it’ll likely mean more trauma, kids in danger, and battling monsters. And if the people in that room are any indication, we will love it and ask for more.

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