The Magic of the Wand with Ollivander, Jr.

There was magic in the air at the Marriott A707 room Friday at 10AM. Eric Huffman (aka Garrick Ollivander, Jr.) presented the room with stories, pictures, and videos of 10 years of handing out precious wands to anyone that finds him.

This labor of love all started with his dad, Garrick Ollivander. This kind and gentle soul was a man who was caring, giving, and humble who would give someone the shirt off his back. To honor his father and the legacy of giving, Ollivander, Jr. taught himself how to operate a lathe and create these works of art.

The “Jr.” in his name is special. He is the second generation of Ollivanders. It’s important to let others know that his father was the first. “It’s the small things that add up,” Ollivander, Jr. stated, “…acts of kindness don’t have to be large. They just need to be heartfelt.”

Ollivander, Jr. ecologically sources his material and uses various kinds of woods from all over the world. He spends his own money creating these pieces. He doesn’t want donations. If you feel inclined to do so, give to the charity of your choice in his name.

The ritual performed in the choosing of the wand is magical. Ollivander, Jr. envelops the person with an experience that makes it feel as though the wand really does choose the owner. Once the wand is presented, the emotional experience is real. This reporter knows. During this panel, I was blessed with the opportunity of being his example of receiving a wand. It really was incredible and I felt such joy that I cried. This will be a wand that will always have significance from this day on.

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