Your one-stop Dragon Con shop for sing-alongs, charity events, contests, and more!


Arcade Gaming with Joystick and Save Point

Fans of classic pinball and arcade games, rejoice! Joystick Gamebar and Save Point will be providing more than 85 retro arcade cabinets and pinball tables, all on free play for Dragon Con attendees. AmericasMart Building 3 (first floor).



Coloring for Charity

Chill out while you color to the lo-fi nerdy beats, and raise money for this year’s charity, CURE Childhood Cancer. Thursday–Sunday, 7PM–12AM, The Learning Center (Hyatt).



Headless Lounge

Dragon Con’s Headless Lounge is a safe space away from the public eye! Monsters, muppets, mascots, and furries can kick back, cool off, and relax while sitting in front of the fans and blowers, all without having to ruin the illusion of character! Only full-headed costumes will be permitted to enter. Friday–Sunday, 2:30–11PM, 308 (Hilton).



Coffee & Coloring

Take a break from the Georgia heat and relax while we color, converse, and drink enormous amounts of coffee. Saturday/Sunday 8:30–11AM, Augusta E–H (Westin).



Loyal Order of the Ribbon: Meetup and Swap!

Come join the Loyal Order of the Ribbon for a fun-filled Ribbon Swap! Thursday 1–3:30PM, International North (Hyatt).

Guess That K-Pop Tune

Are you a K-Pop stan? Come guess songs from K-Pop acts new and old for prizes! Hosted by Seoulmates Podcast. Thursday 7PM, 310–312 (Hilton).

Dragon Con Swag ‘n’ Seek Kindness Panel & Group Meetup Q&A

We will start with a short talk on spreading kindness and friendship at Dragon Con through the Swag ‘n’ Seek movement, followed by a swag swap and group meetup. Come make friends & spread the joy that is Dragon Con! Thursday 7–9:30PM, Grand East (Hilton).

Geeky Sea Shanties

We still love the TikTok sea shanties in this new world we all live in. So, we’re kicking off Dragon Con 2023 with a few high notes and with the help of some friends of the Filk Track as we collaborate to bring you Geeky Sea Shanties! We’ll sing some songs of the sea and sail off into the Con. Thursday 7–9:30PM, Hanover C–E (Hyatt).

Video Game Karaoke

Sing and dance your bits off to your favorite songs from video games and other sources. Thursday 7–9:30PM, Augusta E–H (Westin).

Muscle Nerd Showdown

Bridging the gap between fitness and cosplay, this Showdown will showcase the best cosplays and physiques of the cosplay/fitness community. Categories include: Men’s Open, Women’s Open, and Best Transformation. Hosted by Jerold Peacock. Thursday 7–9:30PM, International North (Hyatt).

The Princess Bride Role-Playing Game: Interactive Liveplay!

Join us for this super-fun live RPG gameplay where we make up a story set in the world of The Princess Bride using audience suggestions. Bring your friends from the Brute Squad and watch out for It’s inconceivable to miss this panel! Thursday 7–9:30PM, Galleria 6 (Hilton).

Page to Stage Costume Contest

Love literature, comics, manga, costumes, and cosplay? This one-of-a-kind event combines all of them. The Open and Invitational Divisions will be showing you the power of creativity and love of characters. Thursday 8:30–11:30PM, Regency VI–VII (Hyatt). Prejudging 5:30–8PM, Regency V (Hyatt), for costumers/handlers only.

Dragon Comedy For-A-Cause: CURE Childhood Cancer

Hey, you! Yeah, you. It’s Thursday night, and you’re not quite sure what to do with yourself. How about kicking off Dragon Con with some hilarious stand-up comedy? You’ll also help support a great cause. Thursday 8:30PM, Crystal Ballroom (Hilton).

Geek Sing-Along

Kick off Dragon Con the best possible way—by singing your favorite theme songs and sharing other geek-adjacent fun with hundreds of your closest friends.  Thursday 8:30–11PM, Grand West (Hilton).

Star Wars Family Feud

We asked 100 fans… some very obscure Star Wars questions. Join us as we pit “Full of Sith” versus “Star Wars Explains” to see who can find the most popular answers and win the first ever SW Family Feud at Dragon Con! Thursday 8:30PM, A706 (Marriott).

The Boasting Contest

We invite all of the storytellers, truth weavers, and historians to tell us a truth or spin us a yarn, with the most glorious orator winning a prize. Bring your best tale, tall or not, and our panel of very-nearly experts will crown a victor for the evening. Thursday 8:30PM, Macon (Courtland Grand).

Game Night Extravaganza: Unleash Your Playful Spirit!

Step into a realm of endless fun and excitement at our Game Night Mixer. Immerse yourself in a variety of board games, video games, and outdoor games while you create unforgettable memories with friends old and new. Thursday 10PM, Hanover AB (Hyatt).

Karaoke—Digital Media Style

Whether you love singing karaoke or can’t carry a tune in a bucket, you’re sure to have fun at this party. Everyone gets involved. This modern experience does away with three ring binders and slips of paper and puts the power of karaoke on your phone. Thursday 10PM–12:30AM, Galleria 7 (Hilton).



A Timely Escape: An Escape Room Event for AHFT & DC Charity

An escape room inspired by Victorian mystery & the beloved board game Clue, full of secret passages & murder weapons. This activity is for 6–8 players to solve a whodunit in 15 minutes. Donations to play go to CURE, a charity working to end childhood cancer. Sign up with the head of staff to play! Friday 10AM–2PM, Valdosta (Courtland Grand).

Improvised Dungeons & Dragons LIVE!

Back by popular demand, Dungeon Master Mark Meer, celebrity guests, and members of Atlanta’s own Dad’s Garage Theatre Company act as improvisers attempting to survive with only their wits, character sheets, and high charisma stats. No board, no script, yes costumes. Friday 7PM, Grand Ballroom A–F (Courtland Grand).

Dragon Award Nominee Meet & Greet and Signings

Join our attending Dragon Award Nominees for an informal meet and greet. Authors will be available to sign books if desired. Friday 7–9:30PM, Overlook (Westin).

Video Game Costume Contest: Hosted by Courtenay Taylor

Judges will be looking at the costume itself, the workmanship, design, and inspiration. This will be open to individuals, experts and novices. Part of the judging process includes a description of the game and character being portrayed. All judges are costuming professionals with extreme knowledge! Friday 7PM, Peachtree Ballroom (Westin).

Match Game in the 25th Century

Once again, Gil Gerard is presenting his unique and original Match Game In The 25th Century!! Featuring star celebrity panelists, as well as an entire galaxy of great prizes for the participants and many select members of the general audience. Friday 7:30–9PM, International North (Hyatt).

The Gather: Welcome Home

The best Gathering of Fantasy Literature authors and fans around! Who knows what surprises and treasures are to be found? We have more authors than the app will allow us to list, so you will be sure to find some great books to take home with your amazing Con stories. Friday 8PM–12AM, International South (Hyatt).

Are You a Death Eater? A Game with Audience Participation

A Harry Potter–themed Mafia-style game! Check out the instructions ahead of time at with audience participation. Friday 8:30PM and 10PM (two games), Hanover C–E (Hyatt).

Dragon Con’s Pin-ups by the Pool

Don your best poolside pin-up attire… there’s gonna be a pin-up competition! Register for the competition poolside 30 minutes before the party begins. Judges will be mixing and mingling in the fray, so don’t be a wallflower. Remember the judges love a nerdy twist to your pin-up creation! Friday 8:30–11PM, Pool and Courtyard (Courtland Grand).

Friday Night Costuming Contest

Entrants compete in Youth, Novice, Journeyman, & Professional categories in this workmanship costume contest. Cheer on your favorites & vote for the Social Media Fan Favorite on Facebook. Friday 8:30–11PM, Atrium Ballroom (Marriott).

Sea Shanty Sing-Along with the Nocturnal Pirates of Atlanta

We’ve called a parley with the Nocturnal Pirates of Atlanta for the evening so we can enjoy a little bit of the pirate life. We don’t know what we’ll get up to, but we’re excited to sing songs of the briny deep, gush romantically about our love of the sea, and swap tall tales. Bring your own grog! Mature Audiences. Friday 10PM, Macon (Courtland Grand).

Furry Meetup Discussion and Q&A

A meetup for the anthropomorphic fan in all of us. Panelists from the Georgia Furs and Furry Weekend Atlanta discuss the joy of furrydom while everyone that wishes can meet-n-greet and strut their furry best fursuits. Friday 10PM–12:30AM, A601–602 (Marriott).

Klingon Karaoke (Honor)

You won’t need to speak Klingon (or Klingonese) to board our vessel for this musical journey. Sing with honor, and don’t behave like a filthy targ! Friday 10PM–12:30AM, Galleria 2–3 (Hilton).

The Artistic Soirée: An After-Hours Painting Party

Let your creativity soar at an exclusive paint party! Join seasoned artists in a live group-painting session, where you’ll unleash your artistic prowess and create stunning masterpieces. This 18+ event is limited to the first 40 lucky participants who register in advance with the Diversity Track (Facebook group). Mature Audiences. Friday 10PM, Hanover AB (Hyatt).



Costuming Exhibit

We play host to the most fascinating costumes from the brilliant makers at Dragon Con. Marvel at the spectacle and the ingenuity. Saturday 1–7PM, 301 (Hilton).

Dragon’s Cup: Knightly Massed Combat

Group battles of 5 vs 5 knights from around the country and (hopefully the world) will be duking it out for the one who will go home with the Dragon’s Cup in men’s and women’s categories. Saturday 1:30–4PM, Grand Ballroom A–F (Courtland Grand).

Group Sing—Dungeons & Dragons!

TWO-HOUR BLOCK! YOU got to help us choose on social media what the theme would be for this year’s Themed Tribute Show. We’re happy to present ‘DUNGEONS & DRAGONS’ as our Group Sing for this year! Join an all-star group of our performers for a two-hour block of fun-filled songs and sing-alongs. Saturday 5:30–7:30PM, Hanover C–E (Hyatt).

Dragon Con Night at the Georgia Aquarium

It’s baaaccccck!  Channel your inner fantasy and join us for exclusive after-hours views of the Aquarium galleries, with ambient music and food and drinks available for purchase. Don’t miss this mystical and magical experience as you journey through 11 million gallons of wondrous water. Extra fee event; buy tickets here (general admission $45; VIP sold out). 7–11PM, Georgia Aquarium, 225 Baker Street NW.

Final Fantasy Fish-Finding Scavenger Hunt (aka FFFFSH!)

Did you know that Final Fantasy XIV is home to over 160 species of fish that can be displayed in aquariums in-game? Did you also know that many of those fish are based on real fish that you can see in the Georgia Aquarium? Join our FFFFSH during the Night at the Aquarium! 7–11PM, Georgia Aquarium.

The Cults of Dragon Con Costume Contest

Marriott carpet attire! Dancing T-Rexes! Googly eyes galore! Badge ribbons, flaming speakers, and more! Paying tribute and adulation to the Dragon Con cults in this one wacky evening of clever costuming. Hosted by Crispy & friends. Saturday 7:30–10PM, Grand Ballroom A-F (Courtland Grand). Contest registration 5:30–6:30PM, Valdosta (Courtland Grand).

Georgia Philharmonic Orchestra Presents:

A special musical experience! Hear live symphonic versions of some of your favorite scores from iconic films and TV shows. Saturday 8–10:30PM, Centennial I–IV (Hyatt).

Classic Sci-Fi Charity Lock-In Movie: Krull

Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Krull the best way possible: By watching it with a room full of Krull-ologists. Celebration is BYOG: Bring Your Own Glaive. Saturday 8:30–11PM, M103–105 (Marriott).

MSFM Charity Crafts and Games Night

We’ll have card games, board games, and activity stations perfect for a chill, relaxing evening of crafting and gaming fun for all ages—while supporting CURE Childhood Cancer! Saturday 8:30PM, Chastain DE (Westin).

Name That Tune! Geek Theme Songs

You can name that theme in 5 notes! Remember that earworm SF theme song that got stuck in your brain? The one without the words! We challenge you to remember some of these themes from now to… not now. We’ll see who can triumph knowing which songs came from which show! Saturday 8:30PM, M302–M303 (Marriott).

Big Damn Game Show!

Bizarre geeky games! Weird geeky prizes! Gaze into the abyss of the Big Damn Game Show! Saturday 10PM, Crystal Ballroom (Hilton).

Karaoke—Digital Media Style

Whether you love singing karaoke or can’t carry a tune in a bucket, you’re sure to have fun at this party. Everyone gets involved. This modern experience does away with three-ring binders and slips of paper and puts the power of karaoke on your phone. Mature Audiences. Saturday 10PM–12:30AM, Galleria 7 (Hilton).

MSFM Charity Team Trivia

When the kids are away, the adults will—TRIVIA! The Military Sci-Fi Media Team Trivia contest draws from a variety of MSFM shows. Charity donations suggested for teams entering the contest as we raise money for this year’s Dragon Con charity, CURE Childhood Cancer! Saturday 10PM, Chastain DE (Westin).

Adult Origami

Get a little naughty with your paper folding. Materials provided. Not responsible for paper cuts. Mature Audiences. Saturday 11:30PM–2AM, 309–312 (Hilton).

Dragon Con Burlesque: A Glamour Geek Revue

You’ll thrill to the finest performing artists this country can offer—AND the most glamorous geeks imaginable! Sunday 12–2:30AM, Grand Ballroom A–F (Courtland Grand).

Rocky Horror Picture Show with LDOD

Give yourself over to the absolute pleasure with Lips Down on Dixie, Atlanta’s premier shadowcast of RHPS, as we take in the #1 midnight movie of all time! This time-warping treat’s just a jump to the left! Sunday 12:30–3AM, Centennial II-IV (Hyatt).



Splendid Teapot Racing

Bring your own teapot racer or just come and enjoy this kid-friendly action as steampunk builders race remote-control cars carrying teapots around an obstacle course for fun and prizes. Official rules can be found at Sunday 10AM, Grand Ballroom A–F (Courtland Grand).

Main Charity Auction

It’s the Annual Dragon Con Charity Auction! For 2023, we’ve partnered with CURE Childhood Cancer as our official charity. Benefit this worthy cause and get some treasures in the process! Remember, Dragon Con matches up to the first $125K, so make those dollars count! Sunday 10AM–2PM, Hanover C–E (Hyatt).

Annual Don S. Davis Memorial Charity Auction

The 15th Annual Don S. Davis Memorial Charity Auction returns to “do it for Don” and raise money for CURE Childhood Cancer! Bid on hard-to-find items from all your favorite Military Sci-Fi Media franchises. You never know who’ll show up or what will happen, but we’ll have a frakking good time! So Say We All! Sunday 4–6:30 PM, Hanover C–E (Hyatt).

Badge Beard Competition and Awards

You have been collecting, you have been adding your ribbons to your badge… Now what??? Bring your Badge Beard and challenge others with the length! Come watch or join the fun with your Badge Beard! Sunday 5:30–8PM, Regency V (Hyatt).

Dragon Awards Ceremony

Presentation of the 2023 Dragon Awards in 11 categories! Who will you choose as the fan favorites this year? Come & find out the results! Sunday 5:30PM, Centennial I (Hyatt).

Miss [REDACTED] Universe Pageant

Green aliens, ridgy-forehead aliens, and cybernetic drone aliens, oh my! Judged by a panel of celebrities. Sunday 5:30–8PM, Grand Ballroom A–F (Courtland Grand).

Star Wars Costume Contest

Come witness the power of these amazing costumers ready to take on the galaxy far, far away in amazing Star Wars cosplays, ranging from new movies to the OT, to the cartoons and Legends… maybe even the Holiday Special. To qualify, costumers must attend one in-person pre-judging: Friday and Saturday 2:30–4:30PM, A708 (Marriott). Sunday 5:30PM, Imperial Ballroom (Marriott).

Buffy Horror Picture Show

“Once More, with Feeling,” the beloved Buffy musical episode, gets enacted once again on the stage while the episode plays on the screen. Sunday 7PM, Peachtree Ballroom (Westin).

Loyal Order of the Ribbon—Crowning Finale and Processional!

Find out who has collected the most ribbons this year. Cheer them in the procession to the Hyatt Lobby, where the strongest of the realm will pose for quick photos and bragging rights! Sunday 7PM, Regency V (Hyatt).

Star Wars Trivia Contest Finals

Come watch the highest scorers on the written exam battle it out in the finals! Who will reign supreme in 2023? Qualifying test Saturday 8:30PM, with the top scores posted Sunday so finalists can study a little more before the showdown. Sunday 7PM, A706 (Marriott).

Captain’s Log: Star Trek Improv Show

Space: the final frontier. Improv: a frontier before that. Captain’s Log: somewhere in the middle. Join the crew of Captain’s Log as they take you on a completely improvised trek through our universe, inspired by your suggestions. Sunday 8:30PM, Grand West (Hilton).

Dragon Con Masquerade: Hosted by Eddie McClintock and Tony Gowell

Presenting the most spectacular masquerade contest in the known universe! Hosted by Eddie McClintock and Tony Gowell, with an expert panel of judges! Sunday 8:30-11PM, Centennial II–IV (Hyatt). Overflow viewing: Atrium Ballroom (Marriott).

Classic Sci-Fi Charity Lock-in: Mac and Me (We’re Lovin’ It)

Celebrate the 35th anniversary of the child-plunging epic Mac and Me by inflicting it on your unsuspecting friends and family. This year: We’re watching the Japanese release. Longer! More of everything! Sunday 8:30–11PM, M103–M105 (Marriott).

Son Of Greatest Hits

Son Of returns this year with some old favorites from the past events. We’ve pulled out some stuff from the vaults for the special event this year. As always there will be prizes, surprises, and more. Sunday 8:30PM–12:30AM, A601–A602 (Marriott).

Heroes, Villians and Humanity Charity Game Show!

It’s our own unique team version of Cards against Humanity about heroes and villains. Dress up if you want—be a Hero or a Villain and have the ultimate face-off, for at least this night. Bragging rights for the ultimate win. Charity is a great way to sway the judges! Prepare for rude but funny! Mature Audiences. Sunday 10PM–12:30AM, M302–303 (Marriott).

Klingon Karaoke (Glory)

You won’t need to speak Klingon (or Klingonese) to board our vessel for this musical journey. Sing like the warrior you are, and fill both your throats for the glory of Kahless! Sunday 10PM–12:30AM, Galleria 2–3 (Hilton).

Venture Bros. Game Night

Test your knowledge of Venture Bros. trivia with other fans! Go Team Venture! Mature Audiences. Sunday 10PM–12:30AM, Galleria 1 (Hilton).


Art Show Charity Auction
Come score an awesome piece of art while supporting our 2023 charity! Choose from original pieces as well as prints from so many of our wonderful artists. Monday 11AM, Grand Hall C (Hyatt).

Robot Battles™
Where homemade robots battle for mechanical supremacy. You’ll come for the metal-on-metal mayhem & stay for the crunching carnage! Setup for builders at 10AM. Monday 11AM–3:30PM, Regency VI–VII (Hyatt).

Jim Henson Trivia with Center for Puppetry Arts
Are you the ultimate Henson geek? Prove it! Experts from the Center for Puppetry Arts will test your knowledge of America’s most famous puppeteer, and the winners will walk away with some sweet Henson and Center for Puppetry Arts swag. Monday 11:30AM, A704 (Marriott).

Comicbook Quick-Sketch Contest
Our quick-sketch competition! Prizes for best individual character and best comic page. Monday 11:30AM, The Learning Center (Hyatt).

Win, Lose, or Draw: Dragon Con Style
The traditional game where players try to draw things and get their teammates to guess them. The winning team will receive prizes! Monday 4PM, Embassy AB (Hyatt).

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