All the partying your con-going heart could desire!


Fifth Annual MSFM Onesie Party

So many fandoms… so little time! Meet and hang out with fans of all the different shows in our track as we get to know each other with fun and games! Come break the ice in your favorite onesie, costume, or comfy-casual Con couture and chill with us. Thursday 7–9:30PM, Chastain DE (Westin).

Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Reader (and Fan) Appreciation Party

Come join Sherrilyn Kenyon and some of your favorite Fantasy, Horror, and SF authors as they celebrate you, the readers. There will be dancing, giveaways and a chance to meet and greet new and bestselling authors who write in the genres you love. Thursday 7–11PM, Savannah Ballroom B/C (Westin).

80s Prom Dance Party

Get ready to go back in time to the days of new wave and mix tapes as X-Track chaperones this tubular ’80s prom! There will be prom photos and even a chance to be crowned Prom Royalty! Court Announcement will occur at 10:00PM, and you must be present to be crowned. Thursday 8–10PM, Grand Ballroom A–F (Courtland Grand).

Welcome to the Year of the Dragon Dance Party!

Because EVERY year is the Year of the Dragon at Dragon Con! Thursday 9PM–1AM, Imperial Ballroom (Marriott).

Bunny Hutch Party and Contest

Unleash your inner playboy/girl in this geek-meets-chic Con kickoff party. Embrace your sexy side; come dressed as your version of a bunny or Hef. Be creative and mash it up with your fav fandom. Enter the contest, or just enjoy the party. Thursday 10PM–2AM, Atrium Ballroom (Marriott). Contest prejudging (advance signups only), Thursday 5:30–8PM, A601–A602 (Marriott).

8-Bit Bash

Dance into the night to the best songs from the 8-bit era of Video Gaming (that’s ’70s and ’80s, for those of you who aren’t old enough to remember 8-bit gaming). Thursday 10PM–2AM, Peachtree Ballroom (Westin).



An Evening in Bree

The annual celebration with live music, dancing, and High Fantasy frivolity. Plus, the much-anticipated costume contest and awards! Friday 8:30PM–12:30AM, Grand West (Hilton).

K-Pop Dance Party

Welcome to the K-Pop Power Dance Party with the House Ninja! Unleash your inner K-Pop star and immerse yourself in a night of exhilarating dance. Get ready to groove to the hottest K-Pop hits as the House Ninja’s electrifying performance and infectious energy ignite the dance floor. Friday 10PM–12:30AM, Imperial Ballroom (Marriott).

Can’t Stop the Signal Dance

Aim to misbehave at the shiny 6th Annual Can’t Stop the Signal Dance, celebrating Firefly and Serenity and benefiting CURE Childhood Cancer! DJ Ryan Walker will be on deck and keeps it spinning. Bring your dollars for charity and dance like no power in the ‘Verse can stop you! Friday 10PM–2AM, Peachtree Ballroom (Westin).

The Open Casket Party

The Horror Track is proud to bring back its breakout hit of last year, the Open Casket Party! A place for the Dragon Con community to gather and dance to current and classic Goth, post-punk, deathrock, and darkwave dance music with DJ Ichabod, DJ Spider, DJ Goth Dad, and DJ Twin Powers. The Casket’s open—come on in! Mature Audiences. Friday 10PM–2AM, Regency VI–VII (Hyatt).

Zombie Prom: Your Brain Will Go On

The one night of Dragon Con when the decomposing horde reigns. Spend hours shimmying and shambling across the dance floor, lurch into a prom photo or two, or possibly even be crowned Zombie Prom King or Queen at midnight! Friday 10PM–2AM, Grand Salon (Hilton).



Cartoon Bebop Lounge

Dance, mingle, or simply relax and chill to the jazzy tunes of DJ Scooby Snaxx, playing music that spans space, time, dimensions, and generations. Characters from all channels are invited to this intergalactic waystation. Saturday 8:30PM, Grand West (Hilton).

Shore Leave on the Citadel

Anderson ordered shore leave for everyone on the Normandy! Join host Jack Rozsa for this intimate cocktail social. Saturday 8:30PM, Augusta A–B (Westin).

Spectrum: The Rainbow Flag Party

We welcome all of Dragon Con’s LGBTQ+ and allied geeks to enjoy a party just for YOU! DJ Neon the Glowgobear returns for his 11th year helping to create a safe party space for everyone to enjoy. Our go-go grrlz ‘n’ boyz dance for you in “We Can Be Heroes,” celebrating the hero in us all. Saturday 10PM–2AM, Regency VI–VII (Hyatt).

Ten Forward Party—Welcome to Starbase 80

DJ THX is your helmsman for a musical journey through time in a dance party that brings you the best from the classics to today and beyond. Saturday 10PM–2AM, Imperial Ballroom (Marriott).

The Heroes and Villains Ball

The Video Gaming Track invites you to Dragon Con’s biggest ball of all. The Heroes & Villains are back again! Enjoy the musical stylings of DJ Limit Break while you dance the night away under our mind controlling dance lights of doom. You won’t even need your super suit. Saturday 10PM–2AM, Peachtree Ballroom (Westin).

The Last Party on Alderaan

Dragon Con’s premiere house, EDM, pop, anything music dance party. You never know who might drop by, but you can bet the party will be jumping for hours. Tonight we’re going to party like it’s the end of the world as we know it… Saturday 10PM–2AM, Salon (Hilton).



Family-Friendly Dance

Kids Track’s dance is back! We provide the all-ages music and you bring your best dance moves. All ages welcome. Kids under 16 must be with a parent/guardian, children 7+ must have badges. Adults without kids may be turned away. Sunday 4–6:30PM, A601–A602 (Marriott).

Yule Ball

Our annual Harry Potter–themed party! Come dance the night away while Darkshift & DJP spin your top pop hits from the 80s, 90s, and now! Join us for a YA Lit costume showcase at 9:30PM. Adults only after 10PM. Sunday 8:30PM–2AM, Imperial Ballroom (Marriott).

Dance Magic Dance

The High Fantasy track invites you to dance like an elf, boogie like a dwarf, and party until the dragons come home. Sunday 10PM–12:30AM, Grand East (Hilton).

Doctor Who Ball

It’s a Mauve Alert! Be prepared to shake your bootie like a Slitheen (hopefully not) to the tunes of DJ BLACK SUNSHINE at our annual Doctor Who Ball! Music, Mayhem, and our annual Pageant of Rassilon live judging during the ball! Come dressed up, sign up at our table, winners announced at 11:30PM! Sunday 10PM–2AM, Grand Salon (Hilton).

The Temporal Formal: Studio Era

Step back in time to the glamorous era of Hollywood’s golden age. Show off your finest Retro Hollywood attire and dance the night away to classic ballroom numbers. This year, the party won’t stop swinging as we shift from a ballroom dance into a West Coast swing party and dance through the night. Sunday 10PM–2AM, Grand Ballroom A–F (Courtland Grand). Come early (8:30–9:30) to learn the basics of ballroom dance!