Jeanne C. Stein will not be on “15 Minute Mentor Session” Friday 11:30AM, Embassy G (Hyatt); “I Didn’t Ask for This: Reluctant Heroes & Heroines in UF” Friday 2:30PM, Chastain 1–2 (Westin).

“The Mandalorian Recap” Friday 2:30PM, A706 (Marriott).

Valerie Willis will not be on “Not Always What They Seem: Demons in UF” Friday 10PM, Chastain I–J (Westin); “On the Head of a Pin: Angels in UF” Sunday 10AM, Chastain 1–2 (Westin); “The Intersection of Magic and Politics: How the Sparks Can Fly” Sunday 5:30PM, Embassy CD (Hyatt).

*NEW* “Spawn: Dark Anti Hero of Image Comics” Saturday 2:30PM, 204I (AmericasMart 2).

Chesya Burke will not be on “Babel 17: the Works of Samuel Delany” Monday 11:30AM, Embassy AB (Hyatt).