And The Nerds Go Marching In

Photo by Whitney Conley

An estimated 75,000 people funneled into the streets of downtown Atlanta Saturday morning to view the 23rd Annual Dragon Con Parade on Saturday morning. The mile-long parade wove through Peachtree and Linden Streets and included hundreds of performers, floats, vehicles, and cosplayers. Admission to the parade was free to all and without capacity limits. Many who were unable to attend Dragon Con attended its parade as an alternative.

Numerous characters from popular culture made appearances in the parade; standouts included a nautical marshmallow man, Jeep-driving dinosaur wranglers, and a young bicyclist transporting an alien.

A multitude of Dragon Con groups, official and unofficial, were also represented. A parade mainstay, the Trek Track featured a number of participants cosplaying characters from a certain storied sci-fi franchise. The Puppetry Track hosted a number of puppet greeters (and their human assistants) as well as special guest H.R. Pufnstuf, who cruised the route in an electric blue Mustang.

The Cult of Marriott Carpet featured participants clad in the distinctive former carpet pattern of the Atlanta Marriott Marquis, many of their outfits and costumes bespoke. The Dragon Con Swag N Seek group distributed small trinkets, in line with their mission of generosity. Several marching bands in the parade, much to the delight of attendees.

The parade terminated in front of the Hyatt around 11:30 AM. Although some dispersed into the streets and the subway, crowds remained thick as the Dragon Con’s third day carried on.

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Photo by Rendy Tendean

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