Gifting Custom Helmet to Adam Savage

Photo by Whitney Conley

Cosplayer and maker Charles Ecton is a member of the 501st Legion, Georgia Garrison, and has recently retired from a local utility after working as an environmental engineer for 35 years. This year Ecton came to Dragon Con with a specific mission. As a huge fan of a movie featuring the story of King Arthur, he has been working on sculpting a Mordred helmet using MonsterClay. He’d been working on it for about a year but was frustrated with it. He’d given up, until he saw Adam Savage holding the up-for-auction, screen-used helmet. That kicked him into gear, and he was inspired to finish the helmet. After making the mold, he poured a resin copy and then custom-finished it for Savage.

“It was an honor to be able to personally give it to him at Dragon Con. Made my year!! Thank you Dragon Con for making this happen, and thank you Adam Savage for the inspiration to keep creating!” said Ecton.

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