Remixing A Classic: Twisted Toonz

Voice actors Maurice LaMarche, Phil LaMarr, Khary Payton, and Billy West enchanted audiences Thursday night in the Hilton Salon with Twisted Toonz. In the event, the aforementioned performers read through scenes from The Wizard of Oz with a twist: each original character was provided with a voice inspired by a different character.

Voices changed scene-by-scene at the instruction of panel host Jeff Zannini. Attendees were delighted by wacky takes on familiar characters such as a soothing Morgan Freeman narrator and a raspy Gandalf Dorothy. The actors embraced their assigned vocal roles and eagerly riffed on their provided lines. Enraptured, the audience remained silent for scene readings unless called upon to participate. Attendees reveled in singing songs from the film and playing the part of Dorothy’s dog, Toto. 

After performing selected scenes from the first half of the classic film, the actors hosted a meet and greet for Dragon Con attendees. The Daily Dragon asked Maurice LaMarche how he would describe his Dragon Con experience thus far. Quoting the Carpenters, LaMarche sang, “We’ve only just begun.”

Attendees are encouraged to return Saturday at 2:30 PM to view the second installment of Twisted Toonz, which will cover the latter half of The Wizard of Oz.

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