Charlie Moody

Podcasts are Go!

A new track dedicated to podcasting—the grass-roots “do-it-yourself radio”—made its Dragon*Con debut today for podcasters and their fans. Podcasting is the art, science, and general mayhem of creating, distributing, and consuming (listening to) audio shows on iPods and similar devices. Podcasting is taking the planet by storm, making itself heard in publishing, fandoms, gaming, marketing, education, and medicine among many… Read more →

A Few Minutes with Emerald Rose

I had a chance to chat with members of Emerald Rose as they prepared for their Sunday afternoon concert. Brian Sullivan, guitarist and singer, told me this would be the band’s 5th year performing at Dragon*Con, and they have built up a substantial fan base among con-goers. During that time, many have come to consider the “Celtic-American Folk-Rock” artists the… Read more →

A Virgin Look at Dragon*Con

PART I: As I watched the endless streams of brightly- (and darkly-) colored costumes swirl through the lobby of the Hyatt, I was reminded of a very different, but strangely similar, spectacle many years ago: hordes of lanky, sweaty, dusty festival-goers as they trudged from camping places to blankets in front of the stage. These modern festival-goers put their forebears… Read more →