Emmett Church

Emmett Church is weird. REALLY weird. He's a high school student, and writes in his spare time, after finishing whatever engineering, software, or social problem is particularly interesting at the time. With straight "A"s in school and video game mastery, there are vey few problems that he can't handle. Except keeping his head in a Dragon Con crowd. Now THAT'S a challenge!

Gothic Music, Voltaire Style

Friday night—technically Saturday morning—was Voltaire’s gothic concert, which he performed clad in his signature matte black top hat. The crowd was captivated right away by a song from Voltaire’s newest album, Raised by Bats. Also on stage was a drum kit, which sat unused above Voltaire’s head as he played his electric acoustic guitar. Soon after, the artist proclaimed that… Read more →

A Panel on the Sociology of Cyber Warfare

Dr. Craig Greathouse hosted the panel “American Strategic Culture and Cyber War” in the NSDMG/War College track on Friday at 11:00AM. Dr. Greathouse focused on the sociology of cyber warfare and American culture’s ability to sustain and embrace it. The panel opened in standard lecture format, with a few basic definitions to provide a foundation for discussion. Once the audience… Read more →

Friendly Boom

Attending the panel “Ammunition, Explosives, and Ordinance” as lead by K. Dockery, head of the armory track, was an experience for this reporter. The panel opened with a basic history of the invention of black powder and the problems involved with its first implementation–particularly the separation of sulphur and saltpeter. From that point on, Dockery proceeded to captivate the audience… Read more →

First Dragon Con for a Foreign Teen

This tale begins with an airplane. When going to Dragon Con from afar, one of the first tasks to complete is the customs and security line. Once that overdose of paranoia has successfully finished searching every nook and cranny that has ever existed throughout all of history and violating every ounce of human dignity you possess, you actually get to… Read more →