Jessica Clary

Jessica spends her days advising college radio, magazine and newspaper staffs, and balances the rest of her time binge-watching TV and binge-reading nonfiction.

Cosplayers Strip Down for Annual Underwear Party

While the thought of being in a crowded room in your underwear is some people’s nightmare, for a few hundred Dragon Con partygoers, it’s an annual tradition. The annual Dragon Con Superhero Underwear Party was Thursday night at the Marriott, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: a party where the revelers deck out in their skimpiest superhero duds to… Read more →

Daredevil Sets a New Tone for the Marvel Universe

For a show that’s only existed since April, Daredevil has found some die-hard fans among longtime readers and new binge-watchers. Since its debut in a massive, binge-worthy 13-hour series on Netflix, Daredevil has brought a unique tone to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On hand to discuss were Gary Mitchel, writer and reviewer for, Earth Station One podcaster Jennifer Hartshorn,… Read more →