Jessica Clary

Jessica spends her days advising college radio, magazine and newspaper staffs, and balances the rest of her time binge-watching TV and binge-reading nonfiction.

Masquerade Highlights the Craft of Costume Design

Masquerade Highlights the Craft of Costume Design

The annual Masquerade Costume Contest, held Sunday night in the Hyatt, drew its usual huge crowd to cheer on the contestants and their costumes and skits. Hosted by Tony Gowell (in costume as Etta, Lucy Davis’ character from Wonder Woman) and guest host Jason David Frank (the original Green Power Ranger and MMA fighter), this year’s Masquerade contestants delivered a… Read more →

We’ve Got Movie Sign! MST3K’s Mads Riff on ‘Raiders’

Veterans of the “little Minnesotan puppet show” Mystery Science Theater 3000 Trace Beaulieu (Crow and Dr. Clayton Forrester) and Frank Conniff (TV’s Frank) have been cracking on movies, good and bad, professionally for nearly 30 years. Along with their co-host Carolina Hidalgo, their current project is the podcast Movie Sign with The Mads, where they discuss a movie they’ve seen… Read more →

‘Some People Knit, Some People Solder’ in the Droid-Building Community

‘Some People Knit, Some People Solder’ in the Droid-Building Community

Sunday afternoon’s session with the Star Wars droid-builders in the “Building R2D2, BB-8 & Star Wars Droids” at the Marriott brought builders, designers, and engineers together to talk tech about all the materials, electronics, and more in the world-wide droid-building community. Builders Christina Cato, Matt Hobbes, Steve Morgan, Doug Dixon, Rob Saey, and David Ferreira brought their droid creations for… Read more →

‘Shhh … I’m an Actor’: Cusack Covers 34 Years of Badassery

‘Shhh … I’m an Actor’: Cusack Covers 34 Years of Badassery

Saturday’s John Cusack session, 2:30PM in the Hyatt, covered nearly the entire Cusack filmography, reaching way back to the early ’80s. Alongside longtime friend and co-star Ned Bellamy and moderator Rob Levy, Cusack charmed the crowd with stories of his wide-ranging characters and films. “I got spoiled early,” he said, responding to Levy’s first question about his early films with… Read more →

Riding with One of the Rowdy Three

The crowd welcomed Michael Eklund to his very first con this Friday at 5:30PM in the Hilton Grand East ballroom. “I think it’s a great way to start,” he said. During the hour, Author R. Alan Siler, and the crowd, served up questions on Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and more from the actor’s 17-year career. (Dragon Con-friendly highlights include Battlestar Galactica, Blood Ties, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Smallville, Stargate SG-1, and newcomer Wynona Earp.) On the BBC America original series,… Read more →

Charity Auctions Literally have Something for Everyone

“If someone thinks they’re getting rid of something nobody is going to want, they’re wrong,” said Jennifer Breland, Dragon Con Charity Events coordinator. The annual main Dragon Con charity auction, Sunday from 10AM–2PM at Hyatt Hanover C–E, raised more than $10,700 with items auction ranging from pristine collector’s items to well-loved fan favorites. Plenty of the items were high-end collectibles,… Read more →

More Binge-Watching Means More Opportunities for Fans

One of the first things the participants of the “How Binge-Watching Makes Us All TV Geeks” panel (Mariott M301–302, Friday at 2:30PM) want you to know is that binge-watching is not new. Before the advent of online streaming and even DVDs, fans waited for holiday marathons of their favorite shows, or mailed boxes of bootleg VHS tapes across the country…. Read more →

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