Liana Thompson

Asian Cinema Night

While the DCI Film Festival’s screenings are dominated by the many excellent short films submitted for competition, they do make room for a limited number of feature-length independent films. This year, the DCI Film Festival will be screening two of the hottest Asian films: The Japanese horror picture, Marebito (Stranger From Afar), and the South Korean supernatural thriller Spider Forest… Read more →

Art Show: A Must See

Each year many talented artists are selected to display their work at the Dragon*Con Art Show. The themes are science fiction, fantasy, horror, media, and astronomical, created in styles and media so diverse and unique that the works on display will impress viewers in a multitude of ways. Meet the legendary Darrell K Sweet, probably best known for his cover… Read more →

King Kong: The Re-Imagining of an American Classic, sister site to, presented a detailed analysis of the King Kong movie trailer released to coincide with this summers’ War of the Worlds.  Scheduled for release December 14th, 2005, this film is the iconic story of a gigantic ape captured in the wild and brought to civilization where he meets a tragic fate. The movie stars Jack Black… Read more →


Michael Polis of the Jim Henson Company presented a stunning preview and a few short clips from the upcoming film MirrorMask. MirrorMask, which combines the storytelling talents of Neil Gaiman and the incredible artwork of Dave McKean, is the story of Helena, a fifteen-year-old girl working for her family circus, who wishes—quite ironically—that she could run away from the circus… Read more →