Lisa Guilfoil

When not buried in other worlds by reading about them, Lisa Guilfoil enjoys writing about them, taking great pleasure in tormenting any character foolish enough to pop out of her mind.  She lives in New York with her husband and dog, who both know enough not to bother her when the voices start talking.

The Art of the Naked Kill

“No, it does not mean that you strip down and while the guy is gawking at you, you kill him,” joked Jonathan Maberry, starting off the panel held on Saturday in Hanover C-E (Hy), “though that might work.   It means you can pick up literally anything—you don’t need a sword or a gun.  If you have any object around you,… Read more →

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

What happens when you put seven grown men together in a room late at night and give them free reign to talk about guns, explosives, and bare knuckle brawling? You get the “Fightin’ and Writing” panel on Friday 10PM at Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong (Hy). With more than 70 years of experience on the subject between them, these panelists were as qualified… Read more →

Sexy Science Fiction

What makes a book sexy?  This was the question put to the “Sexy Science Fiction” panel on Friday night on the Sci-Fi & Fantasy Literature track.  The answers were varied, honest, and sometimes blunt enough to only have been offered on a late-night panel such as this one.  “Ten o’clock is Dragon*Con After Dark,” noted author Jean Marie Ward with… Read more →

Trends in Paranormal and Urban Fantasy Fiction

Vampires are cool…until they’re cliché.  Shapeshifters are hot…until they’re barely lukewarm.  What’s red-hot today may be dead-dog boring tomorrow.   Or might just be the next big thing again next year.  How do you know?  Should you write for the current trend?  The answer to that question put to a panel of best-selling authors on Friday at 11:30 at “Trends in… Read more →