J. Michael Rollins

Scully 101 (Forensics 101)

One of the X-Track’s biggest draws, Forensics 101, brings out all the voyeurs of the convention crowd to gather into the darkened room to huddle around a projector to satisfy their morbid curiosity. Dr. Kris Sperry, M.D., showed the audience many of his pictures from one of his previous presentations for Georgia law enforcement, filled with many gruesome photographs to… Read more →

Let There Be Lips (a Rocky Horror review)

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, God said “Let there be lips…” Rocky Horror Picture Show was unleashed upon an anxious audience chanting “Rocky, Rocky, Rocky!” on Friday night. The convention attendees packed the Regency Ballroom almost to the point of standing room only as they gathered to worship at the cult classic, singing along… Read more →

Ghoultown Review

Ghoultown Review

Gothabilly – Johnny Cash, cranked up with vicious driving rhythms fueled by tequila, gunsmoke, grit and a line of pissed off zombies. Imagine having that shot of 150% proof raw tequila chased down with habeneros grown on the barren plains of Hell before riding out on a Texas-sized lynch mob straight from a horror-styled spaghetti western – that would be… Read more →

Crow: The Salvation – A Review

Dragon*Con attendees a unique opportunity to sneak preview the newest installment of the fan favorite Crow series—The Crow: Salvation. The talents of Kirsten Dunst, Fred Ward and Dragon*Con guest, Eric Mabius, help round out a rather solid cast for this go-round. The copy the convention audience is getting to see is the only early complete draft of the film, which… Read more →