William Selman

Cheers! The Sound of a Black Hole Collision

In space no one can hear you scream… But it turns out that you can “hear” some things, and they “sound” like beer bottles clanking together. September 14, 2015. If you mention this date to anyone who studies black holes or who studies gravity waves, they will most likely get excited (probably with a touch of jealousy). The reason we… Read more →

No But Seriously, We are Not Recommending Murder

Raychelle Burks, Mika McKinnon, Leigh Mansfield, and Torrey Stenmark, provided a Q&A geared toward eliminating sloppy mistakes when planning and executing a murder. This panel consisted of a forensic chemist, a disaster expert (“masters in disaster”), a neuro-psychologist, and an organic chemist, respectively. To set the mood, each of the speakers got to tell the story of their favorite unsolved… Read more →

Science, Sex, and Tech

“The Quantified Vagina” opened up, as with most panels, with the speakers introducing themselves (Raychelle Burks, Scicurious, Emily Finke, Stephen Granade, and A B Kovacs), and included individual brands of humor. Immediately following introductions, one of the panelists asked what Bluetooth tampons are and who in the audience was familiar with this technology. The abruptness made the question a smooth… Read more →

Fast Times with Judge Reinhold

Judge Reinhold, one the 1980s snarkiest funnymen, entered the Hyatt Centennial I Ballroom Friday afternoon to the sound of the audience singing the Beverly Hills Cop theme—that melodic, synth-y masterpiece for which he is forever associated. But Reinhold didn’t mind; great music enhances movies, and when he first heard Glenn Fry’s “The Heat is On,” he knew it was also… Read more →