Shae Connor

Shae Connor is a scientific editor with a Big Government Agency in Atlanta. Despite a fairly average upbringing, she jumped into fandom with both feet two and a half decades ago, thanks to The X-Files, and has spent much too much time writing fanfic and doling out heaping servings of Machete!Beta upon request. She’s also been known to hang around Star Wars, Star Trek, and all sorts of other strange worlds. In her copious spare time, she's a multipublished author of romance fiction. Check out her work at

Dragon Con Guests Honored at Awards Banquet

Dragon Con Guests Honored at Awards Banquet

Choosing a starting point to describe Saturday night’s Guest of Honor banquet (Hyatt Regency VI–VII, 7PM) could take until next year’s Dragon Con. Beginning with the emcee, Stargate SG-1’s Gary Jones, referring to the city as “Stargate Atlanta,” the evening offered two hours of laughs, tears, and poignant moments. After a prelude mini-concert by electro-swing band Good Co., Jones brought… Read more →

Covering the LGBTQA Spectrum in Young Adult Literature

Always well-attended, the “LGBTQA Representation in YA” discussion panel filled the Young Adult Literature track room in Marriott A707 at 11:30AM on Friday. For those who need a quick primer, LGBTQA generally refers to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/transsexual, queer/questioning, and asexual, though the spectrum also covers other gender and sexuality categories such as intersex, genderqueer, and undecided. Panelists were librarian… Read more →

Kids Need to Read Arrives at Dragon*Con

Kids Need to Read Arrives at Dragon*Con

It’s thanks to the Austin Browncoats that the Kids Need to Read foundation will be filling a booth at Dragon*Con 2009.

Kids Need to Read, which distributes books to libraries, schools, and other institutions in need, was founded in 2007 by writer P.J. Haarsma, author of The Softwire book series, and actor Nathan Fillion, best known to D*C attendees as Captain Mal Reynolds of Firefly and Serenity.

Travel Alert: Hurricane Gustav

The approach of Hurricane Gustav is affecting trains and flights to and through the Gulf Coast region. Many airports in the path of the storm will have suspended or limited service on Monday, including Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans and Mobile Downtown Airport in Mobile, AL, both of which are closed indefinitely. Delays and cancellations may affect flights… Read more →

Buffy Horror Big Whedonverse Draw

Two crammed-full houses sang and cheered along with Friday night’s “Buffy Horror Picture Show” performances. The fan-favorite showings of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode, “Once More, With Feeling,” featured volunteer cast members in costume performing roles both major and minor.

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