Yvonne Harbison

Yvonne is a dog-mom, cat-mom, writer, and occasional gamer (who knows too much about videogames for the amount of time she doesn't actually get to play them) from Northern California. Despite the distance, she's been going to Dragon Con for years, even if only virtually. Ask her about 90s TV, especially anything sci-fi, home DIY projects, and she can even geek out about everything SEO. You can find her at www.yvonneharbison.com or follow her at https://twitter.com/YHarbisonSEO for a random mix of SEO stuff, cute critters, and the occasional geek-outs about sci-fi, movies, animation, and comics.

All Hail the Computer Overlords?

The panel “AI & ChatGPT: The Impact on Content Creators” took place on Saturday at 2:30PM in the Hilton Galleria 7, but if you missed the packed-room discussion, you can still catch it on DCTV’s Twitch 2. It is a balanced exploration into the pros and cons of the use of AI in creative spaces, with the strongest arguments for… Read more →

Bug-Out Travel Plans

The “You Walked HOW FAR?!?” panel, streaming on DCTV’s Fan Track starting Saturday at 5:30PM, taught viewers how to prepare for travel under the worst possible scenarios, as would be expected from a panel brought to us by the Forced Survival programming of the Apocalypse Rising track. The moderator Hans Eckman spoke with experts at planning for emergencies and disasters:… Read more →

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The Cozy Mystery Cuisine Book Club

The Alternate and Historical Fiction track hosted the virtual “Cozy Mysteries Meals & Drinks to Die For” panel, moderated by Elizabeth Carpenter and featuring three writers of the cozy mystery genre, Beth Dolgner, Mia P. Manansala, and Sherry Harris. The writers gathered to discuss the role of food and drink in the cozy mystery genre because, as Elizabeth said, “There’s… Read more →

Some Old Stories Are Not So Family-Friendly

On Friday at 1PM, the “Mythology in Popular Culture” panel took place in the Hilton Galleria 6 and aired on DC Digital Media’s Twitch channel. Right at the start, M.C. Williams of the Myths Your Teacher Hated podcast promised that the panel would stay kid-safe. (He also emphasized that the podcast, though a similar type of show, was very much… Read more →

Unofficially Official Dragon Con Experiences

Unofficially Official Dragon Con Experiences

On Thursday at 2:30PM, the Alternate and Historical Fiction Track opened their Dragon Con 2023 programming with Dragon Con History 102: Unofficial Organizations, a second-level, factual history panel. Streamed and archived on their YouTube Fan Track, the panel explored the unique contributions of just a few Dragon Con fan groups that have lasted long enough to become iconic staples year… Read more →

The Dragon Con Virtual Experience

Yes, you really can keep the magic of Dragon Con alive, virtually, through the convention weekend and all year round. Tune in to Dragon Con from home, live from your hotel while finalizing that last costume detail, or even from the future, long after the excitement of the weekend has gone the way of the Marriott Carpet and the Sheraton:… Read more →

1992: The Best Year for Comics in Animation

Dragon Con brought in some great panels on their streaming channels again this year. Over on the streaming Fan Track, starting from Thursday at 7PM EST, you can find the “Batman and X-Men: Best Superhero Cartoons Ever” panel to add to your viewing schedule. In it, moderator Joe Crowe talks with panelists Michael Bailey, Michael Williams, and Keith R.A. DeCandido… Read more →

It’s Not All About the Food

The streaming panel “The Silk Road Bringing Culture and Influence into Fantasy” premiered on the FanTrack channel Thursday, September 1st at 6PM. Moderator Cisca Small sat down with guests Davis Ashura, Julie Vee, and Tao Wong to discuss the ways that individual, non-Western experiences can influence fantasy and other fiction writing. The panel opened with a discussion of what kinds… Read more →