2014 Masquerade Winners

Sunday night at 8:30PM, the Masquerade costume contest took over Centennial II–III in the Hyatt. Grant Imahara hosted as a parade of contestants in intricate and entertaining costumes from all kinds of different source materials crossed the stage for their chance at Dragon Con fame and fortune.

Photo by Jesse Garrett
Photo by Jesse Garrett

Children’s Winners

Best Toddler: Nicola and Tesla Deslites as Aang and Appa

Third place: Eleanor Heath as Tiny Tina

Second place: Mary Plott as Katniss Everdeen

First place: Keelia Gaffey as Merida

Adult Winners

Master: Chris Lee and Leah D’Andrea-Lee as Music Box Dolls from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Journeyman: Nancy Alonso as Undead Warlock

Novice: Breanna Cooke as Ysera, The Dreamer

Animation: Kati Bertheaume and Kyle Farr as Shiny Luxray and Trainer

Video Game: Logan Birch, Genevieve Mailly, Matt Freeborn, Angele Freeborn, and Michael Anderson as characters from Dota 2

Movie Characters: Liz Brandon-Williams and Bec

ky Mardell as Elsa and Anna from Frozen

Villain: Rebecca Kunimoto as Maleficent

Marvel: Eliza Eldredge as Femme Loki

Best in Show: Scott Millican and Sherri Millican as Maleficent and Tree Warrior

Photos by Dave Nelson

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